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Sesqui-Centennial Reading Pennsylvania 1748 1898 Court House Medal

1) 1898 Sesqui-Centennial of Reading Pa with "Souvenir" top bar and R/W/B ribbon. I have never seen one of these un-holed. Not in HK. Medal drop is 35.1mm. White metal.

Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta 1937 Souvenir Medal

2) 1937 Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta. For an interesting read about this event Click Here. Not in HK and probably does not exist without loops. Reverse is very similar to the Battle of Vera Cruz medal #288. Gilt brass drop is 36.2mm.

Worlds Columbian Exposition Columbus Discovering America Medal

3) New York Discovery of America 400th anniversary badge with eagle top bar and R/W/B ribbon. Eglit 221. Aluminum. Not found in HK but the reverse is the same as HK232. Medal is 38.2mm.

Cincinnati Exposition Growth And Prosperity Ohio Valley Central States 1888 Medal

4) Ohio Valley and Central States Centennial Exposition held in Cincinnati in 1888. HK 147 with an eagle attachment. This so called dollar is not very easy to come by, holed or un-holed. White metal, 37.7mm

New York State Fair Syracuse 1910 Horse Race Medal

5) New York State fair held in Syracuse, New York in 1910. Probably does not come without loops. Gilt brass, 36.1mm

Portola Festival San Francisco Souvenir 1909 Medal

6) Portola Festival held in San Francisco in 1909 with bear "souvenir" top bar. Same celebration as HK389. Probably does not exist without loops(unless of course they were removed). Reverse is very similar to the Battle of Vera Cruz medal #288. Gilt brass, 36.1mm

Hudson Fulton Celebration New York 1909 Medal

7) New York Hudson Fulton celebration in 1909. With B/W/Y ribbon and top "New York" pin bar. Medal drop is the same as HK 382. I have also seen these described as having a R/W/B ribbon attachment. One of the more attractive so called dollars. White Metal, 38.1mm

Hamden County Memorial Bridge Dedication 1922 Medal

8) Hamden County Memorial Bridge Dedication 1922. Same as HK 670 with R/W/B ribbon and pin attachment. Looking through old catalogs, I only found 2 other HK 670s, both of which had the fob loop. It may that they only come with loop or loop removed. Gilt, 38.9mm

Appalachian Exposition Knoxville Tennessee 1911 Souvenir Medal

9) Appalachian Exposition held in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1911 with an attached "Souvenir" top bar. I have seen two other of these, both without loops, but in both cases it is likely that the loops had been removed(I could not inspect them). There were three related expositions held in 1910, 1911, and 1913. None of these expos are represented in HK. Bronze, 36.1mm

 Lynn Massachusetts Fiftieth Anniversary 1850 1900 Schwaab Medal

10) Fiftieth Anniversary of Lynn, Massachusetts 1900, by Schwaab Milwaukee, with "Souvenir" top pin bar. Probably does not come un-looped. Gilt brass, 35.9mm

Old Home Week Boston 1907 Souvenir Medal

11) Boston Old Home Week 1907 with rabbit ear loops and "Souvenir" top pin bar showing a pot of beans and clasped hands. For an interesting read about how Boston became known as Bean Town Click Here. Gilt, 36.2mm

Fitchburg Massachusetts 150th Anniversary 1764 1914 Medal

12) 1909 Fitchburg, Massachusetts 150th Anniversary medal with top loop and R/W/B tied on ribbon. Probably all come with a loop. Silver plate, 38.5mm

Hopkinton Massachusetts 1715 1915 200th Anniversary Medal

13) Another Massachusetts medal, this one with loop and attached blue ribbon(darker in color than my image) and top pin bar. Hopkinton, Mass. 1915 200th Anniversary. "Dieges & Clust" in tiny lettering at the bottom. Bronze. The medal drop is 34.1mm

Gettysburg New York Day High Water Mark Monument Medal

14) New York Day Gettysburg Celebration July 1893 with red, white, and blue ribbon and medal showing monument and High Water Mark. Image courtesy of Kevin Himber. Aluminum medal drop is 37.2mm

1909 AYPE Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition Hanging Badge Medal

15) Official AYPE so called dollar(HK353) with black watch hanger. Considerably harder to locate than HK353 by itself. Medal is 32.2mm.

United States Capitol Establishment Of Government 1800 1900 Medal

16) An unlisted so called dollar with pin bar and red, white and blue hanger. The medal drop is 38mm in diameter and exists in un-holed bronze. Image courtesy of Robert Jesinger.

Volunteer Firemen Memory Citizens Of Hoboken 1891 Medal

17) Firemen’s statue dedication medal erected by the citizens of Hoboken May 30th 1891. The medal drop is 38mm in diameter. White metal

Old Soldiers Day Mercer County Agricultural Society 1910 Souvenir Medal

18) Old Soldiers Day Mercer County Agricultural Society. September 21st 1910. The medal drop is 36mm in diameter. Bronze or possibly brass.

Cotton States International Exposition Liberty Bell Medal

19) From the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition. The same reverse die used on HK144 and HK144c ten years earlier. White metal. Drop is 38mm. Quite rare as far as I can tell. Images courtesy of Jonathan Brecher.

Illinois State Board Of Agriculture Fair 1914 Winfield Scott Valor Medal

20) From the 1914 Illinois State Fair, Illinois State Board Of Agriculture. There are a number of other Illinois State Fair hanging badges with so called dollar size drops. The earliest I have seen is from 1905. This 1914 badge is the latest that I have seen. White metal, possibly nickel. Drop is 37.9mm

Henry Hudson Robert Fulton Celebration Guest Badge 1909 Medal

21) HK-379 with hanger and "Guest" top bar. From the New York 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration. I have found others with a "Commission" top bar, and one with a "Citizens’ Comm" top bar.

Massachusetts Delegation 1897 Nashville Tennessee Centennial Exposition Medal

22) A Massachusetts delegate badge from the Tennessee Centennial Exposition held in Nashville, Tennessee in 1897. There also exist a number of other similar Massachusetts delegate badges form other fairs. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

National Monument Plymouth Massachusetts 1889 Memory Forefathers Grateful Medal

23) The same obverse as HK-148, but unlike HK-148, this version is dated. In white metal, possibly always holed. For the rarer un-holed bronze version, click HERE Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Soldier Sailors Monument Association Indianapolis 1902 Souvenir Medal

24) Souvenir medal and hanger of the Soldier's and Sailor's monument in Indianapolis, Indiana, probably from it':s dedication in 1902. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Grangers Picnic Souvenir 1890 Esto Perpetual Montgomery County Medal

25) Medal probably from the 1890 Grange Picnic held at Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This same obverse can also be found HERE. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Round Table Of Philadelphia Cherubs Of Cincinnati 1884 Independence Hall Medal

26) Same obverse as HK-42. Reverse from "The Round Table Of Philadelphia to the Cherubs of Cincinnati, May 17, 1884". Incompletely described in Julian on page 371 as UN-33. Evidently 26 struck. Interesting that it appears that this obverse die was used at the US Mint eight years after the 1876 Philadelphia Expo. I guess this is another indication of George Soley’s close relationship with the U.S. mint. Another example of this medal sold at Presidential Coin and Antique sale June 2007 lot #515. The use of the word "Cherubs" for certain citizens of Cincinnnati appears to have it’s origins with a once popular brand of beer. CLICK HERE for info. Silver; Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1903 St Louis Dedication Medal

27) Hanging pinback from the St. Louis Worlds Fair dedication April 30-May 1, 1903. Gilt Brass. The drop is Gilt Brass, 35.8mm

1898 Philadelphia Peace Jubilee Let Us Have Peace Angel Medal

28) Philadelphia Peace Jubilee from 1898. For an un-holed example look at #280 on this website. Rulau Phl 75. The drop is White Metal, 35.1mm

Lewis And Clark Centennial Exposition Government Building 1905 Medal

29) Shevlin/Hyder 14-2; HK-333a; With loop and "Souvenir" pinback, Gilt Bronze, 34.4mm

250th Anniversary Gloucester Massachusetts 1892 Old Cape Ann Medal

30) 250th Anniversary Old Cape Ann Gloucester with RWB pinback hanger. White Metal, 35mm. Image courtesy Josef Traktovenko

1899 Great America Exposition Omaha Nebraska Souvenir Medal

31) Held in 1899, this fair was a follow-up to the 1898 Trans Mississippi and International Exposition, Brass, 36mm

Washington Valley Forge Medal

32) HK-132a with RWB hanger. Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Valley Forge. Bronze, 38.2mm

Milwaukee Saengerfest July 1886 Medal

33) 1886 Milwaukee Saengerfest medal with cannons/eagles pin. White Metal, 35mm. Image courtesy Josef Traktovenko

Milwaukee Saengerfest July 1886 Medal

34) 1885 souvenir medal from the Grangers Interstate Exhibition in Williams Grove, Pennsylvania. The same corn/wreath die used with #97 on this website. White Metal, 35mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Nebraska Grain Dealers Annual Excursion 1904 Worlds Fair St Louis Medal

35) The obverse of this medal is the same as #68 on this website. Also, look at Kurt Krueger "Meet Me In St. Louie" #1269 that shows the "1903" obverse variety combined with a "St. Louis Grain Dealers" reverse. Aluminum, 37.8mm

Robley Evans San Diego 1908 Juan Cabrillo Medal

35) Hk-350 with "California" hanger. These are described in old catalogs as being either copper or gilt, with perhaps the gilt examples being rarer. I found one in an old catalog that was described as brass with no mention of a hanger. I also found one example described as a "ribbon badge….with back ribbon that reads Evans Fleet Celebration Committee, San Diego, April, 1908….in gold on blue-gray, tassels at bottom", Gilt, drop is 38mm


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