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Many of these events are interesting to research!


88a) Brockage of the obverse of HK-2 from the John Ford collection sold in May of 2005. Image Courtesy of Stacks Bowers Galleries

Semicentennial 1826 National Jubilee brockage 50 year Medal.

89) Commemorating a seven day "Ladies Fair" held in 1840 to raise money for the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument. Listed in DeWitt/Sullivan as WHH 1840-2.CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE(and scroll down) for more info. Found in bronze and white metal. Both bronze and white metal pieces are usually found in EF condition or lower, but there were evidently 21 copies struck in proof white metal circa 1860(Presidential Coin & Antique Co. Nov. 15, 1997 lot#1191) that might be nicer. Combining both bronze and white metal together - Rare, with perhaps the bronze ones being rarer than white metal. The white metal ones are sometimes holed. There are also three other varieties of this piece with the same battle scene depicted. Click Here for one. A second has the same battle scene but with "Battle Of Bunker Hill Death Of Gen. Warren 17 June 1775 Boston Mourns Her Gallant Son". It may have been stuck in 1875. The third piece is Dewitt No. WHH 1840-3. There is also an associated William Henry Harrison piece(Dewitt No.WHH 1840-4) that commemorates a Whig political jubilee that took place on Sept. 10th 1840 at the Bunker Hill ladies fair. On the piece shown here there are striations on the edge that look a bit like file marks, but I checked with the ANS in New York to see if their piece had the same striations, and it did. Dewitt No.WHH 1840-2. Bronze, 42.9mm.

Bunker Hill Monument Sept 8 1840 Success To The Fair Medal.

89a) Commemorating the 100 year celebration of the birth of Friedrich Schiller held in New York, November 1859. During the four day celebration, a statue of Friedrich Schiller was dedicated inside Central Park, and was first statue to ever be placed there. Click HERE for info. The reverse reads: "Zur 100 Jahrigen Feier Von Schillers Geburtstag New-York AM 10 November 1859". The original HK authors did not include a medal with foreign inscriptions unless it also existed in English, so this medal does not follow the tradition of the book. The authors of HK may have been trying to limit the scope of the book, but from an historical perspective it does not make much sense in my view to not include them. In 1859 the German speaking population of New York was quite large. Below bust: "A. Kerwien F.". On the bottom reverse: "A.K.F.". Very Scarce, White metal, 40.1mm


90) Souvenir from the participation of the Washington Light Infantry in an 1860 4th of July parade in Charleston, South Carolina. CLICK HERE for more info. Found in bronze and white metal. Very Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal. White metal, 38.6mm. Image Courtesy of Stacks Bowers Galleries


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July 4th 1860 Parade Captain Simonton 144 Men Medal

90a) Medal commemorating the peace celebration of 1871 held in New York, marking the end of the Franco Prussian War. Similar celebrations were held in other cities as well. Read the description of #89a for the reason why I include this medal as a so called dollar. Very Rare, White Metal, 38.2mm


90b) Undated souvenir medal from the Chicago Inter-State Exposition which was held over a period of years from 1873 to 1890. Unsure when this medal was made, but I suspect during the earlier years of the fair. The obverse depicts the main fair building, also depicted on HK-209. It was torn down in 1892 to help make way for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. The medal shown here is quite dark, showing most of the silver plating worn off. This medal also exists with the same design and inscriptions, but with a wide zig zag border pattern on both sides. Silver plated white metal(pewter?), 35.6mm

Inter-State Industrial Exposition Chicago-Medal

91) "Bazaar Of Nations", "Phila. Y.M.C.A. 1875". What the "Bazaar of Nations" was, I have no idea, but it was probably related to the 1876 Centennial expo. I have only found it in white metal. Rare, White metal, 38mm.



Bazaar Of Nations Philadelphia YMCA 1875 Medal

91a) Commemorating the 1880 celebration of the 50 year anniversary of Belgium independence held in New York. I am not a foreign language person, but the reverse inscription appears to be a conflation of both English and Dutch: "Souvenir De La Celebration Du 50th Anniversaries De L’independence De La Belgique New York 1880". Very Rare, White Metal, 41.6mm


91b) This medal commemorates an 1881 exhibition sponsored by the American Institute of New York. The institute was founded in 1828 to help promote inventions and industry. It has a long history including it’s yearly fairs, and this metal appears to also commemorate the semi-centennial of these fairs. A New York Times article from October 1881 describes the 1881 Exhibition as "probably the largest that has ever been seen in the Institute Building". Their building, and I am guessing this was their most usual location for the fair, was at 1079 Third Ave between 63rd and 64th Streets. Coincidentally this was also the same building that was used for a fundraising fair for German Hospitals held in New York City, Feb. 18-26th, 1889(look at my #112). Another interesting tidbit is that the New York Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire on October 1858 while the American Institute was holding it’s annual fair there. Found in white metal and bronze, and very to extremely rare in either metal. Bronze, 40mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Exhibition of American Institute New York 1881 Grand National Medal

92) From the 1882 National Mining & Industrial Exposition in Denver, Colorado. "N. Matson & Co. Chicago" in small print. Rulau Co-De 6; Very Rare in white metal. Extremely Rare in silver. Sometimes found holed in white metal. White Metal, 40mm. Image courtesy of Dave Jensen


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National Mining & Industrial Exposition 1882 Denver Colorado Medal

93) From the 1883 "City of New York Evacuation Day Centennial", "Washington / Knox / Clinton". Very Rare in bronze. Very Scarce in white metal, and holed in white metal approximately 75% of the time. Baker458, Bronze, 35mm.



Evacuation Day Centennial New York 1883 Washington Clinton Knox Medal

94) Another Evacuation Day Centennial piece with Washington taking the oath of office. Unlisted in Rulau/Fuld. Rare, most of which are holed. Very Rare unholed. I have only found it in white metal. White metal, 35.7mm.

1883 Evacuation Day Centennial New York Van Arsdale Medal

95) From the 1883 Southern Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. From 1883 to 1887 this large expo ran for 100 days each of those years. Up to that time only the Centennial Expo held in Philadelphia had been larger. One of these in bronze sold at Stacks in 2018. It is the only one I have seen in bronze. Rare in white metal and holed less than half the time. Extremely Rare in bronze. White Metal, 45mm exactly.



Southern Exposition of the Arts and Industries 1883 Louisville

95a) From the 1883 Louisville, Kentucky Exposition. Read description of #95, and look below at #96. The same obverse as HK607 and #109b. Charles Kirtley sale #138 lot#AF14 for the only one in bronze that I located. Very Rare in white metal and usually not holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze, 35mm. Image courtesy Robert Jesinger

Southern Exposition Louisville 1883 Liberty Head Medal

96) From the 1885 Louisville, Kentucky Exposition. Read description of #95. Charles Kirtley sold one of these in bronze(sale #138 lot#AF16). The same center design was used on the official medal of the Worlds Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition held in New Orleans(HK142). Very Rare in white metal, Extremely Rare in bronze. White metal, 35.1mm

Louisville Exposition 1885, 1883-1887 Medal

96a) From the 1885 Worlds Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition held in New Orleans. The opening parade of the fair included both military and civilian participants. A strong Very Rare, and Extremely Rare un-holed. I have only seen it in white metal. White Metal, 45mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.

 Worlds Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition 1885 New Orleans Drill Medal

97) From the 1885 "Agricultural And Mechanical Ass'n Fair" in St. Louis. Held at present day Fairground Park from 1856 to 1902, this fair was quite large, predating the even larger 1904 St. Louis World's Fair held at present day Forest Park. Extremely Rare. White metal, 35mm.


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Agricultural and Mechanical Association Fair St. Louis 1885 Medal

98) Possibly from the same fair as the piece preceding. Listed in Rulau as Mo-SL C25. "Veiled Prophets Pagent" White metal, Very rare, but Extremely Rare unholed. 35mm

St. Louis Enterprises Exposition 1885 Veiled Prophets Pagent Medal

99) "Pennsylvania State Fair Held at Philadelphia" "Sep. 23 To Oct. 14 1885." Very Rare in white metal, at least half of which are holed. Extremely Rare in copper/bronze. White metal, 37.5mm.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania State Fair September 23rd to October 14 1885

99a) 1885 Burlington County Agricultural Fair, Mt Holly, New Jersey. This is the only one of these that I have found. From Presidential Coin & Antique Co auction #86 lot#152. Extremely Rare. Bronze. 37.6mm

Burlington County Agricultural Fair Mount Holly New Jersey 1885 Medal

99b) State Firemens Tournament Michigan City, Indiana 1885. Extremely Rare. Bronze. 34.9mm


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State Firemens Tournament Michigan City Indiana September 1885 Medal

99c) Hagerstown Maryland County Agricultural Fair October 20th to the 23rd, 1885. Same obverse die as 99a above. Have only seen in White Metal. Extremely Rare, 38mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.

Washington County Agricultural Fair Hagerstown, Maryland 1885 Medal

100) Commemorating the first industrial exposition held in Minneapolis in 1886. Rare in white metal with the vast majority being holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. 37.8mm.

Industrial Exposition Arts and Industries August 1886 Minneapolis Medal

101) An impressive "Crystal Palace" covering seven acres was the main centerpiece of this fair. It's roof consisted of 80,000 sq. feet of glass. It appears that Interstate 70 now passes over where it once stood, between Agnes Ave and Kansas Ave. Very Rare with most found holed. Rulau Mo-KC 7, Brass, 38.2mm.


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Kansas City Souvenir National Agricultural Exposition 1887 Medal

102) Grover Cleveland and Kansas City Souvenir. Reverse as the obverse of the piece above. This is the only one that I have found. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Extremely Rare. Brass, 38.2mm.

Kansas City Souvenir Grover Cleveland 1887 Agricultural Exposition Medal

102a) A muling of the two above pieces. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Very Rare. Gilt brass, 38.2mm

Grover Cleveland National Agricultural Exposition Kansas City 1887 Medal

103) "Piedmont Exposition Co. Atlanta, Ga. Oct. 10-22, 1887". This regional exposition was held at the same location as the Cotton States and International Exposition of 1895. Found in both bronze and white metal. Extremely Rare in bronze. Extremely Rare in white metal and found holed. Bronze, 35mm.



Piedmont Exposition Grover Cleveland October 1887 Medal

104) 1887 Expo held in Hornellsville, New York. Listed in Rulau as NY-Hn 1. Rare. I have only found it in white metal. Sometimes found holed. White metal, 36.6mm.

Hornellsville New York Exposition August to September 1887 Medal

105) "Minneapolis Exposition Aug. 31-Oct. 15, 1887". I found this one on ebay and it is the only one I have seen. I found none in old auction/sales catalogs. Extremely Rare, white metal, 35.1mm

Minneapolis Exposition August to October 1887 Souvenir Medal

106) "A Souvenir Of The Grand Winter Carnival Feb. 1887 / G.R. Fownes N.Y.", Rulau Vt-Bu 3. Rare and never(?) found holed. I have only located it in white metal. White metal, 35mm.



Souvenir Grand Winter Carnival February 1887 Burlington Vermont Medal

106a) Firemens convention held at Troy New York, August 16-19, 1887. Have only seen in bronze, but probably exists in white metal. Extremely Rare, Bronze, 37.7mm


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Firemens Convention Held at Troy New York August 1887 Medal

107) The obverse of this medal commemorates the 25th North American Saengerfest at St. Louis, Mo. June 1888. The reverse shows Milwaukee Bay. Many of the German-American singing groups participating in this Saengerfest were from the Milwaukee area and other locations in Wisconsin. This piece is shown in TAMS December 1990 page 196. The "Cream City" reverse of this piece shows up on a number of other tokens/medals, all of which are uncommon. Very Rare, Aluminum, 38.5mm.



North American Saengerfest St. Louis 1888 Milwaukee Cream City Medal

107a) "Fete Patronage Des Canadiens Francais". Commemorating the Celebration of St. John the Baptist Day in Nashua, New Hampshire, June 1888. To this day New Hampshire has a large population who are of French decent. Very Rare, White metal, 38mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher


108) "International Fair", "Buffalo, N.Y. Sept. 4th To 14th 1888" This was evidently an industrial fair held in Hamlin Park. Usually found in white metal and Rare as such, with virtually all found holed. I have also found one that was described as copper plated, another described as gilt, and a last piece in brass that looks as if it could be a more modern restrike. White metal, 34mm.



International Fair Buffalo New York September 1888 Medal

109) Commemorating the 1888 Augusta, Georgia National Exposition and Military encampment. The fair was a large, mostly industrial/agricultural fair. Extremely Rare, White metal, 37.8mm


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Augusta National Exposition & Military Encampment 1888 Medal

109a) Souvenir medal from a German Festival held in Reading Pennsylvania September 1888. An article from the September 3rd 1888 Reading Times states: "every effort will be made to make the event one of unallayed pleasure for all visitors, be they Germans or Americans". I have only seen it in white metal. Very Rare. White metal. 35.2mm.


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Cannstatter Volksfest Verein Reading PA 1888 Festival Medal

109b) Same obverse as HK607. This is the only one I have seen in any metal. Extremely Rare. 35mm.


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Florida Sub-tropical Exposition Jacksonville Florida 1888 medal

109c) Obverse is the same reverse as HK146. Extremely Rare, Silver plated white metal, 38mm.


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Centennial Exposition 1888 Ohio Valley Central States Cincinnati medal

110) "Maryland Exposition Baltimore, Sept. 9-14, 1889". In the third edition of "United States Tokens 1700-1900" by Rulau, this piece is listed on page 556 (Md-Ba D65) in Aluminum, and again on page 840 (Bal 62) in white metal. I have found it to be Rare in white metal and sometimes holed, and Very Rare in bronze. I have never found one described as aluminum. Bronze, 37.7mm.


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Baltimore Maryland Exposition September 1889 Mayor Latrobe Medal

111) From Sioux City, Iowa in 1889, which was when the third corn palace celebration was held. Besides this one, I have located 3 others, one in gilt and the other two in white metal, all of which were holed. For another Sioux City Corn Palace medal look at #320a. Very Rare, but Extremely Rare un-holed. Gilt, 36.7mm.


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Sioux City Corn Palace 1889 Third Annual Harvest Festival Medal

112) From a fundraising fair for the German Hospitals held in New York City, Feb. 18-26th, 1889. There are a number of contemporaneous articles about this fair in the New York Times Archives on the internet. It was a big event that raised $100,000. The fair was held at what was then The American Institute on present day third avenue between 63rd and 64th streets(look at my #91a). Rare, with three quarters of them holed. White metal, 39.6mm


Deutsche Hospitals Fair New York February 1889 Medal

113) "International Fair / San Antonio, Tex." held at Riverside Park. In small lettering below: "The Heidemann Mfg. Co.". The only auction catalog sale of this piece that I found was from Presidential Coin & Antique #68 lot#1205, and the one shown here could be that piece. I have also seen one in white metal, and another bronze piece that was dug and barely recognizable. Interestingly, although signed by the Heidemann Manufacturing Company of San Antonio, Texas, it appears to me that William Warner and Brother of Philadelphia was mostly responsible. Extremely Rare in either bronze or white metal. Bronze, 37.7mm.

International Fair San Antonio Texas September 1890 Medal

114) Some sort of French Canadian Convention held in Manchester New Hampshire in 1890. Very rare, White metal, 38mm

French Canadian Convention Manchester New Hampshire 1890 Medal

115) Souvenir medal from the "Nebraska State Fair And Exposition Lincoln, Sep. 1890". This and the following two medals are all of similar design. I can't find any of them in Rulau. They are all in surprisingly nice condition and the only ones that I have come across. Any further info would be appreciated. Extremely Rare as far as I can tell. White metal, 37.7mm. Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions


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Lincoln Nebraska State Fair September 1890 Souvenir Farm Animals Medal

116) From Lincoln, Nebraska 1890, Nebraska Board of Agriculture. Similar in design to the pieces above and below. The only other one I have come across was from Dick Grinolds sale #104 lot #379, and this is possibly that piece. Extremely Rare, White metal, 37.7mm


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Lincoln Nebraska State Board of Agriculture Souvenir 1890 Medal

116a) A die pairing of the reverse of #115 above with the obverse of #116 above. This is the only one that I know of. From Presidential Coin & Antique Co. auction #86 lot#161. Read #115 above. Extremely Rare as far as I can tell. Bronze. 37.7mm

Lincoln Nebraska State Board of Agriculture 1890 Farm Animals Medal

116b) Grand Masonic Fair sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Maryland 1890. The following month the lodge was gutted by fire. Found in white metal or bronze. Very Rare in either metal. White Metal, 38mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler


117) The Iowa Coal Palace housed an exposition in 1890 and 1891 promoting Iowa as a coal state, and was then dismantled shortly thereafter. "Second Season Coal Palace Opened Sept. 15, Closed October 10, 1891.". A variety of this piece uses "&" on the reverse in place of "and". I do not know which variety is rarer. Combining both varieties together, Rare, the vast majority of which are holed. Unholed ones are Very Rare, possibly Extremely so. I also found one piece from Paul Koppenhaver October 25, 1996 lot #524 that was described as being made of aluminum. Bronze, 37mm.

Iowa Coal Palace Ottawa 1891 Mineral and Industrial Exposition Medal

118) Commemorating Newark's hosting of the 16th annual Saengerfest(song festival). "16TES National Saengerfest Des Nordoestlichen Saengerbundes", "Newark, N.J. July 4-8 1891". Very Rare, half of which are holed. White metal, 37.7mm.


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16th National Saengerfest Newark New Jersey July 1891 Medal

119) "Carnival And Trades Display. Augusta, Ga. Held Jan. 20-23 1891", Obverse is the same as the reverse of HK626. Found in both bronze and white metal. Extremely Rare in bronze. Extremely Rare in white metal(Charles Kirtley sale #11 lot#474 with photo); Bronze, 37.7mm.



Carnival and Trades Display Augusta Ga. January 1891 Souvenir Medal

119a) Mining Congress held in Denver, Colorado November 1891. Obverse depicts the Colorado Mining Stock Exchange demolished in 1963. Very Rare, but Very to Extremely Rare un-holed; Aluminum, 40mm. One old sale I am aware of is Charles Kirtley sale #7 April 1985 lot#195 pictured and holed. Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The Colorado Mining Stock Exchange 1891 Mining Congress Denver Medal

119b) Commemorating 100 years of the Polish constitution in Pittsburgh, 1891. Obverse reads: "Krolowo Polski Wyban Nas!" - King of Poland, choose Us??. Reverse reads: "Wolnosc Jednosc Niepodleglosc Pittsburgh, Pa. Dina 3, Maja 1891" - Freedom, Unity Independence Pittsburgh May 3, 1891. "W Pamiec 100 Letniej Rocznicy Konstytucyi 3, Maja 1791." - In the Memory Of the 100th Anniversary of the Constitution May 3, 1791. Extremely Rare, Silver, 37.8mm


120) "South Dakota's Invitation. To The West Of Minnesota And Beyond Fair Iowa Too, Lies The Country, South Dakota, Where the Skies Are Ever Blue. So Stranger, Come And Find A Home If Fortune You Pursue, Tis A Glorious Land Of Praries Grand And Just The Place For You.". Same as the piece below but with a different reverse. I do not know which variety is rarer. Combining both varieties together, Rare. Found holed less than half the time. Aluminum, scratched, 37.1mm.


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Corn Belt Exposition Mitchell South Dakota 1892 Invitation Medal

121) Same as the piece above but with a different reverse. Rulau Mit-3. Rare, Aluminum, 37.1mm.



Corn Belt Exposition Mitchell South Dakota 1892 Invitation Medal

122) The same obverse as the two above but with the same Aluminum reverse as on HK161. Very Rare. Aluminum, 37mm

Corn Belt Exposition Mitchell South Dakota 1892 Invitation Aluminum Medal

123) 1892 Twin City Columbian Celebration. Possibly a warm up to the World Columbian Expo held in nearby Chicago the next year. Charles Kirtley sale 1/14/1989 lot #527 sold one that was described as white metal. This one is aluminum, Very Rare, 36.8mm.

Twin City Columbian Celebration 1892 Rock Island Moline Medal

124) Commemorating an 1892 parade in Asbury Park, New Jersey sponsored by the Junior Order Of American Mechanics. It was a patriotic parade held on "American Day", and was covered by the press, both in flattering and unflattering terms. Extremely Rare, Aluminum, 38.1mm.


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New Jersey Ashbury Park 1892 Parade Order American Mechanics Medal

125) Labor union medals are few and far between. Commemorating a Nashville Labor Day celebration September 5th, 1892. Very Rare, Aluminum, 37.7mm

Second Labor Day Celebration Nashville Central Labor Union 1892 Medal

126) Obverse shows a rural farm scene. October 1892 Danbury Fair. May also be found in white metal. Holed about half the time. Rare, but Very Rare unholed. Aluminum, 39mm. From the collection of Dave Jensen.

Danbury Fair October 3-8 1892 Medal

127) "Bunker Hill Charlestown Mass. Carnival June 17 1893". This piece combines the reverse of HK630 with a different obverse. I have only found it in bronze. Extremely Rare, Storer 994, Bronze, 37.7mm.



Bunker Hill Carnival Charleston Massachusetts June 17 1893 Medal

128) The reverse of HK630, same as above, but with a "Souvenir" reverse. I have not seen it in any other metal. I found one other that was holed. Extremely Rare, White metal, 37.7 mm.

Bunker Hill Carnival Charleston Massachusetts June 17 1893 Souvenir Medal

129) "Fort Defiance 1794", "Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne, "I Defy The Indians, English And The Devils In Hell To take It!" Gen. Scott, "Then Call It Fort Defiance!" Very Rare and sometimes holed. Aluminum, 38.3mm.

Fort Defiance Centennial Celebration 1794 1894 Anthony Wayne Medal

130) "Peach Day Grand Junction Colo". "Quint Phila" below peach in tiny lettering. Rare, but Extremely Rare unholed. Aluminum, 35.6mm


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Souvenir of Peach Day Grand Junction Colorado September 1894 Medal

131) Souvenir from the 1894 Texas Cotton Palace Exposition held in Waco, Texas. "Schwaab Milwaukee" below on the reverse. The exposition closed in December, and the following month the Palace was destroyed by fire. Very Rare. I have not found any that were holed. Aluminum, 34.9mm


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Waco Texas Cotton Palace Souvenir 1894 Schwaab Medal

132) Souvenir from an 1894 Brooklyn, New York New Armory Fair. This imposing medieval structure still exists today at 357 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, between Putnam and Jefferson avenues. Very Rare, Aluminum, 38.2mm

Brooklyn New York Armory Fair 13th Regiment October 1894

132a) Souvenir from the Festival of Mountain & Plain held in Denver October 16, 17, 18, 1895. It is possible that all of these pieces come with either an as made top loop or loop removed. Look HERE at #1094 for an example from the same festival held in 1897. Extremely Rare, White Metal, 38mm. Image Courtesy of Scott Safe.

Festival of Mountain & Plain Souvenir Denver Oct 1895 Medal

133) There are a total of six different souvenir municipal reverses all using the obverse California seal similar to HK245 and HK245a. They are: #133 shown here, #134 and #135 shown below, HK635, HK639, and HK729. All six types appear to be of similar rarity, except for the Santa Rosa standing bears piece(#135 read below) which may be somewhat rarer. The one shown here is from the 1895 Venetian Water Carnival in Santa Cruz. Notice that it has the same obverse as HK245a with the letters in "Eureka" spaced close together. Compare to HK635, HK639, HK729, #134, and #135. At this point I do not know if each of the six varieties come only with "EUREKA" far apart, close together, or both ways for some or all varieties. Look at my #60 for a rare variety of HK245a with "EUREKA" spaced far apart. Strongly Rare. Extremely Rare in uncirculated condition. Bronze, 34.2mm

Sant Cruz Venetian Water Carnival June 1895 Souvenir Eureka

134) Souvenir token from the 1896 La Fiesta Los Angeles. This piece has the same obverse as HK635, HK639 and HK729 (letters in "Eureka" spaced far apart. Compare to HK245a). Strongly Rare, with virtually all found in worn condition. Extremely Rare in uncirculated condition. Read #133 above. Bronze, 34.2mm

Souvenir La Fiesta Los Angeles April 1896 Eureka Medal

135) Souvenir from the 1897 Native Sons Celebration held in Santa Rosa, California. It has the same obverse as HK245a (letters in "Eureka" spaced close together. Compare to HK635, HK639, HK729, #133, and #134). Looking through old catalogs, I found this piece to be rarer than the other five types(read #133 above), but this may be due to the higher desirability of the standing bear design causing it to be more unavailable. Very Rare. Extremely Rare in uncirculated condition. Extremely Rare in silver plate. SilverPlate, 33.7mm. Image courtesy of Merle Avila.

Souvenir Native Sons Celebration Santa Rosa September 1897 Medal

135a) Massachusetts Delegation medal dated September 23rd 1897. From the Tennessee Centennial Exposition held in Nashville Tennessee. Very Rare, Bronze, 39mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.

Massachusetts Delegation Nashville Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897 Medal

135b) German Day 1898. This could have been from a German Day that was celebrated at the Trans-Mississippi Expo held Omaha, but I have no proof. The Concord brought the first Germans to America in 1683. A strong Very rare, Aluminum, 36mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler


136) Attractive and nicely executed medal from the 1899 "National Export Exposition" held in Philadelphia. In exergue: "S.H. Quint & Sons 15 S. 4th St Phila.". In tiny lettering on the reverse: "Quint Phila.". A large and thick so called dollar. Rare. Rulau Phl 45. Bronze, 44.5mm


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National Export Exposition 1899 Philadelphia Manufacturers Medal

136a) Street Fair and Carnival sponsored by the Portland, Oregon Elks, September 1900. Very Rare and possibly Extremely Rare unholed. Aluminum, 34.7mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.


137) Rulau New York Nyk 31. Souvenir of "Ye Dairy Farm". Made by the "W.F. Doll Mfg Co. N.Y.". Evidently some sort of traveling performance that I could not find any info about on the internet. Some may consider this a "store card" advertising piece which might preclude it from being thought of as a so called dollar, but it is also a "SOUVENIR" of a public event, which is the core theme of so called dollars. For other varieties that were also made by the Doll Manufacturing Company, look at #1070, #1071, #1072, and #1073 within the search page of this website. Also, look at July-August 2020 of the Token and Medal Society's TAMS Journal. Rulau states that this variety may have not been made by the W.F. Doll Company, but it is signed as such at the bottom reverse. Rare and sometimes holed. Aluminum, 38mm.

Ye Dairy Farm Souvenir USS Maine Betsy Ross House Medal

138) From the Second Cincinnati Fall Festival Sep. 16-28 1901. Similar to HK652 but considerably rarer. Looking through old auction catalogs, I only found one: Bob Slawsky auction #61 lot#662, and it was holed. I also saw another on ebay in 2021 and it was also holed. "Murdock Cincinnati" in microscopic lettering below building. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Very Rare. Extremely Rare un-holed. Aluminum, 34.9mm


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Second Cincinnati Fall Festival September 1901 Medal

138a) A local 1902 carnival put on by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. "Fidelity Charity Justice Brotherly Love". Very Rare, Bronze, 34mm. Image courtesy of Jonathan Brecher.

Elks Carnival Johnstown Pennsylvania 1902 Brotherly Love Medal

139) "Old Home Week Bridgeport Conn." Found in bronze and white metal. Rare in white metal, maybe half of which are holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. I have also located this piece in what was described as gilt white metal. "H.H.J." in tiny lettering below cornucopia. Bronze, 37.6mm.

Old Home Week City of Bridgeport 1903 City Seal Medal

140) "Souvenir Electrical Show Coliseum Chicago January 15-27, 1906", "C.H. Hanson Chicago." below in tiny lettering. A set of three of these were sold on ebay awhile back in copper, aluminum, and gilt(brass?). Rare in copper. Extremely Rare in Aluminum or Gilt(Brass?). Greenslet GM114, Copper, 38.1mm.


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Electrical Show Coliseum Chicago January 1906 Ben Franklin Medal

141) From the Hudson Fulton Celebration 1907. Although this medal is found in multiple sizes, with the 51 mm and 32mm sizes being fairly common, I have found it to be rare in this size. I have found it described as silver and bronze in this size with the silver piece being looped, usually with hanger. Surprisingly, looking through old auction sales, I only found one example in bronze in the 38mm size(Charles Kirtley Mail Bid Sale #128 lot#AB06). Bronze, Very Rare, 38.2mm


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First Use Steam Navigation Hudson River Robert Fulton 1907 Medal

142) Commemorating the Greater Louisville Exposition March 18-30, 1907. I have found this piece described as brass and copper(in consecutive lots in the same auction). It is often holed. None that I have found were in any better condition than EF. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Very Rare, Brass, 34.8mm

Greater Louisville Exposition Commercial Club 1907 Medal

143) Old Home week Boston 1907 showing Faneuil Hall within center circle. The only one I ran across looking through old catalogs was a low grade example from Christensen and Stone sale April 1966 lot #124 35mm, so I am going to say Very Rare, possibly Extremely Rare. Brass, 35mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Boston Old Home Week 1907 Faneuil Hall Medal

144) 1922 celebration of the 1849 discovery of gold at Sutter's mill by James Marshal. "Jas. W. Marshall Monument" "49 Celebration Sacramento May 1922 Hangtown". The piece shown here was from the 2008 Bill Weber auction. It is the only one that I have found. Extremely Rare, Aluminum, 38.8mm.



Marshall Monument Celebration Sacramento May 1922 Hangtown Medal

145) "1825 Holmes County Centennial Fair Oct.13-16 1925". I have found two others of these, both on ebay, one of which was holed. Rummaging through old catalogs, I found none, and I looked through everything a second time. Very Rare, Aluminum, 38.3mm.


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Holmes County Centennial Fair October 1925 Millersburg Ohio Medal

146) This piece came in a 9 X 16 centimeter cardboard insert that states: "This little work of Art, carrying a Message of Friendliness, is from the Official Medal of The Pacific Southwest Exposition being held at Long Beach, California, July 27th to September 3rd, 1928. It was designed and modeled by the noted sculptor and medalist, Roger Noble Burnham. In six-inch size this medal appears on the trophy sent to the King Of Spain". The majority of these pieces that I have found either do not come with this insert, or are in the form or a pinback attached to the incuse side. Rare, but Very Rare with cardboard insert. Brass shell, 38.3mm.

Pacific Southwest Exposition 1928 Long Beach California Medal

146a) From the 1929 Summit County fair, still held today in Tallmadge, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. The first fair was held in 1850. The piece shown here showed signs of having been glued on to something made of paper or cardboard. No sign of loop removal. Very Rare. Gilt bronze 34.2mm


146b) Northwest Territory Celebration Meigs County, Ohio October 11, 1938. This and the piece shown below are made on a very thin brass disc (7/10ths of a millimeter), and as such I have a hard time even including these as so called dollars. The designs and lettering are all incuse. I doubt that they were die struck, but how they were made is a mystery to me. If anyone comes across one of these and has any suggestions on how they were made, please let me know. There is also another variety that I know of not shown here from La Crosse, Wisconsin, also dated 1938. Image courtesy Dave Jensen. Rare, maybe Very Rare, Brass disc, 36.5mm

Northwest Territory Celebration Meigs County Ohio 1938 Disc Medal

146c) Northwest Territory Celebration, Manchester, Ohio October 5, 1938. Read description above for #146b. The reverse reads: "Manchester Stockade First Settlement In The Virginia Military Tract-1791-Part Of Northwest Territory". Rare, maybe Very Rare, Thin brass disc(.7mm thick), 36.5mm

Northwest Territory Celebration Manchester, Ohio Stockade 1938 Disc Medal

147) Mifflin County Good Luck Coin from 1940. Lewiston, Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Convention. "Bastian Bros. Co. Rochester, N.Y." around below in tiny lettering. Very Rare. Brass, 35.9mm


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Lewiston Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Convention 1940 Good Luck Coin

147a) Benson Annual Rodeo 1940 One Souvenir Dollar. Normally I do not use composite images, but I thought it important to put this one up even though I do not have an image of a real one. Anyone have one I can use? It has the same obverse as HK-689, but with the reverse having the addition of the word "Souvenir". It is as if when they designed the 1940 reverse that someone recognized the ambiguity of the 1933 Wolfville piece. Was it a trade token? It appears that the 1933 Wolfville piece was actually a sort of dollar souvenir of the event that may have also doubled as a ruse to help explain away some illegal gambling activity. At any rate, neither the Wolfville piece nor this 1940 piece appear to me to be true trade tokens. To me they are more souvenirs of the events, especially this 1940 piece. Another thing is that neither this 1940 variety nor the common HK-689 were included in the back of Richard Kenny's 1953 so called dollar publication where he lists a number of trade tokens, many quite rare. I am guessing that he may have recognized the difference. This 1940 version is considerably rarer than the Wolfville piece. Very rare, Brass, 38mm

Benson Rodeo 1940 One Souvenir Dollar Token

147b) A good luck piece from the 1941 St. Paul Winter Carnival. Rare, Brass, 33mm. Images courtesy Josef Traktovenko

St. Paul Minnesota Winter carnival 1941 Boreas Rex Good Luck Token

148) This and the following five pieces are all from the "State Fair Of Texas", held in Dallas. There are also two other pieces that are not coin shaped(one in the shape of a five pointed star and the other in the shape of the state of Texas). They are all usually found together embedded into a souvenir serving tray. All have blank reverses. Individually, Rare. Brass, 41.6mm.


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State Fair Of Texas Dallas 1941 Medal

149) "State Fair Of Texas / Oct. 5-20 1946". This fair began in 1886 and is still held today. Read #148 above. Very Rare. Brass, 41.6mm.

State Fair Of Texas Dallas October 1946 Medal

150) 1949 "State Fair Of Texas". In tiny lettering : "New Cotton Bowl-Seats 75,508 / Agriculture-Live Stock-Poultry". Read #148 above. Very Rare. Brass. 43mm.


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State Fair Of Texas Dallas October 1949 Medal

151) "State Fair Of Texas Oct. 7-22 1950". In tiny lettering : "Air Conditioned Auditorium / The Hall Of State". Read #148 above. Very Rare. Brass, 41.5mm.

State Fair Of Texas Dallas 1950 Mid Century Exposition Medal

152) "State Fair Of Texas / Oct. 14-19 / 1952" Read #148 above. Very Rare. Brass, 41.6mm.


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State Fair Of Texas Dallas October 1952 Medal

152a) "State Fair Of Texas", Undated. Read #148 above. Very Rare. Brass, 43mm.

State Fair Of Texas Dallas Medal

153) Souvenir from the 1953 Monticello Centennial Fair. A Century Of Progress. This is the only one of these I have come across. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Extremely Rare, Aluminum, 38.2mm

Centennial Fair Souvenir Monticello Iowa Century of Progress 1953 Medal

154) "The Californian", From the 100th anniversary of the "California State Fair And Exposition". This large annual fair has been held in Sacramento since the mid 1800s. I have seen this piece pop up on ebay occasionally. Rare. Brass, 38.3mm.



California State Fair and Exposition 1854 1954 The Californian Medal

154a) Evidently from the first Washington International Horse Show held in 1958, still being held today. I am not sure how this medal was made. The blank reverse has a cloth pattern appearance. No sign of loop removal. Very rare. White metal, 44.5mm

Washington International Horse Show 1958 Medal

154b) Aluminum die variety of medal pictured in "Carnival Panorama-New Orleans Mardi Gras Medals and Krewes 1884-1965" by Jay Guren and Richard Ugan, 1966. There are a number of die differences of the medal shown here from the one in the book, one of which is that the book example appears to have 48 dots on the reverse, where as the one shown here has 45. The one in the book is described as white metal. The book states that it was probably minted between 1890 and 1917, but also states that the die work suggests it was minted at or just prior to the 19th century. There is evidently another variety from the 1890s that has been described as being made out of "pot metal". These medals were not made to be thrown to the crowds. The first "Doubloon throws" were issued in 1960( HK579-HK581). There is also a 1984 anodized aluminum throw version that has a similar obverse to the piece shown here, with the other side being a copy of the reverse of HK-143. Lastly there is evidently also a 2022/2023 version that is very similar to the piece shown here that can be distinguished, among other things, by the half circle of reverse dots being all of the same size. I found an early example (not pictured) in Stephen Alpert sale #38 Feb. 1991 lot#1582, described as an "early Mardi Gras medal", in aluminum, "circa 1900". Also look at #668 and #669 within the SEARCH PAGE of this website for two other unlisted pre 1960 so called dollar sized Mardi Gras medals. HK143 might also belong to this group. If anyone has more information, or perhaps more accurate information about any of these, let me know. Very to Extremely Rare, Found in aluminum or white metal. Aluminum, 36-37mm. Image courtesy Bryan Dennis.

New Orleans Rex King Of Carnival Souvenir Bathurst Chamberlain Medal

155) From Tombstone, Arizona, "Rip-Roaring Days Of The West". This piece was evidently struck in the 1950s. Found in copper and aluminum. Very Scarce in copper. Rare in aluminum. Very similar to HK701. Aluminum, 37.9mm.


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Helldorado Days Tombstone Shootin Lynchin Hangin Souvenir Dollar


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