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317a) Commemorating the completion of the Erie canal in 1826. This surprising medal discovery was auctioned off by Stacks in November 2017. Probably unique, it was stuck with a cracked reverse die that is different from HK1000. Click Here for auction sale and description. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries


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Unique 1825 1826 Erie Canal HK 1000 Union of Erie With Atlantic Medal

318) Medal commemorating the 1877 corner stone laying of the Seventh Regiment Armory on New York’s Upper East side. By George Lovett. Rare in white metal,.Very Rare in bronze and brass. Extremely Rare in silver. 40mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin at Lovett Tokens and Medals.

Armory Seventh Regiment New York Corner Stone Laid 1877 Medal

318a) 1882 bicentennial of Phillipse Manor. Medal shown here is from Stacks November 2019 auction lot #20692. Rulau-Fuld lists this piece in bronze and white metal and shows an example with an as made loop. The silver example here shows no sign of loop. I did not tally this piece, so I am not familiar with it’s rarity. In silver it is obviously extremely rare. Fuld-Rulau describes it as 33mm. The Stacks auction described this piece as 35.2mm. Silver. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Phillipse Manor 1882 Bi-centennial Yonkers Washington Medal

319) This medal commemorates the opening of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. "Two Cities As One New York & Brooklyn". All are white metal, although I did find one described as nickel silver and another described as gilt that was probably plated as a novelty sometime after striking. Both were holed. There are also silver plated brass modern reproductions of this piece. The originals are Very Scarce, but Rare unholed(10-15% are found unholed). White metal, 35.5mm.



East River Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Opening 1883 Medal

319a) Souvenir medal from the 1890 Momence, Illinois Inter State Hay Palace. The obverse of this piece is also found with an Aluminum Souvenir reverse(have only seen holed - Rulau Illinois Mom 2), and also with a silver award medal reverse. For a history of the Hay Palace, Click Here. Sometimes found holed. Very Rare, bordering on Extremely Rare. White Metal, 34.3mm.

Momence Illinois 1890 Inter State Hay Palace Souvenir Medal

320) A second Momence, Illinois Hay Palace medal, this one from 1891. Read above. Very to Extremely Rare. Rulau Mom 2. Aluminum, 37mm. Image courtesy Robert Jesinger.

Momence Illinois 1891 Inter State Hay Palace Souvenir Medal

320a) Souvenir from the Sioux City Corn Palace in 1891. For another Sioux City Corn Palace piece look at #111. Rare, but a strong Very Rare un-holed. Aluminum, 37.1mm

Sioux City Corn Palace 1891 Corn Is King Medal

321) This medal has a fraternal reverse dated May 12th 1891(Knights of the Golden Eagle). The obverse depicts the newly constructed Schuylkill County courthouse in Pottsville, Pennsylvania that was dedicated September 3rd that same year. Very Rare. Bronze, 37.7mm

Pottsville New Court House Knights of the Golden Eagle 1891 Medal

322) The obverse of HK244 as the reverse. BakerY-324. Found in white metal and bronze. Rare in bronze and usually found unholed. Rare in white metal with virtually all holed. Bronze, 35mm.



Centennial Laying of the Corner Stone US Capitol Washington 1893 Medal

323) Today the "Iron Bridge" is called the Frisco Bridge, and was previously called the Memphis bridge. Built in 1892, it is still in use today, and was the first bridge to cross the lower Mississippi. Read article by David Schenkman November 2009 The Numismatist. Very Rare and sometimes holed. Aluminum, 34.9mm.

Opening Iron Bridge Across The Mississippi at Memphis 1892 Medal

324) "Old Sugar House Rose St. N.Y.". Evidently minted at the time as it's demolition in 1892. Found in bronze, white metal and silver. Rare bordering on Very Rare in either white metal or bronze. Extremely Rare in silver. The American Numismatic Society in New York has the only silver one that I found. White Metal, 44.1mm.

Sugar House Founded 1763 Demolished 1892 British Prison Medal

325) A commemorative "Dedicated To The Memory Of Robert Morris", and the Holland Land Purchase Office that today is a museum in Batavia, New York. Very Rare. Aluminum, 34.7mm

Holland Purchase Land Office Robert Morris Batavia N.Y. 1894 Medal

326) "To Commemorate The International Opening Of The Philadelphia Commercial Museum June 1897", The obverse of this piece is similar to HK644. Rulau Phl A78. Rare. Silver, 34mm.


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Philadelphia Commercial Museum Opening June 1897 Medal

326a) Visit souvenir medal from the Philadelphia Bourse, 1897. A strong Very Rare. Aluminum, 38.1mm

The Bourse Philadelphia New England Cotton Manufacturers 1897 Medal

326b) I am not sure, but I believe this medal commemorates an addition to the Ohio State Capitol building that was completed in 1901. If someone could straighten me out on the history here I would greatly appreciate it. "M.C. Lilley, & Co. Col. O." in tiny lettering below building. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Very Rare. Bronze, 43.2mm

Corner Stone Laid Ohio New State Building 1899 Medal

326c) Town hall dedication Revere, Massachusetts January 11th, 1899. This is the only one I have come across, so for now I am calling it Extremely Rare, white metal, 35.4mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Revere Massachusetts Town Hall Chelsea January 1899 Medal

327) "Commemorative Of Establishment Of The Capitol In The District Of Columbia", A large and thick so called dollar. This medal was evidently made from bronze taken from the original capitol building of 1800. Very Scarce and often found with a clamped on loop with ribbon and hanger. Bronze, 44.3mm.

United States Capitol Commemoration Adams McKinley Medal

327a) Centennial Anniversary of the Establishment of the Government at Washington D.C. December 12, 1900. Click HERE for an image of one with hanger. A strong very rare in bronze or white metal, and usually holed in white metal.

Centennial Anniversary Establishment Government Washington DC 1800 1900 US Capitol Medal

328) "New State Capitol Harrisburg Penna.", "Dedicated Oct. 4. 1906". "Virtue", "Liberty" and "Independence" on curled ribbon. Found in white metal or bronze. Combining both metals together, Very Rare. Bronze, 37.6mm.

New State Capitol At Harrisburg Pennsylvania October 1906 Medal

329) Dedication of La Salle City Hall 1907. Not in very good condition. Quite rare as far as I can tell. Very Rare bordering on Extremely Rare. Brass, 34.8mm

Dedication City Hall La Salle Illinois Walter Panneck 1907 Medal

329a) Port of Portland with Mount Hood on the reverse. In 1910 a $2.5 million Portland initiative was passed to create a Commission of Public Docks. The "Two Millions For Improvement" is close to this figure, so perhaps the two are one and the same, but at this point I am not sure. This piece was possibly minted at about the same time as the Mount Rainier piece #399, and possibly at or around the time of the AYPE in Seattle. The inaccurate height of Mount Hood of 11,932 was used on a number of old postcards from about the same time period, although it can also be found on earlier postcards and even later ones all the way up to World War 2. A more common and more accurate published height that was used over the same time period was a measurement of 11,225 feet from 1867. At this point I am not sure of the origin of the 11,932 measurement. For other early 20th century "harbor map" so called dollars look at #81, #329b, and #399. Gilt Copper, 38mm, A strong very rare. Image courtesy of Dan West.

Port of Portland Two Millions For Improvement Mount Hood Medal

329b) San Pedro Bay Los Angeles Harbor 10 million for improvements. Signed "Cop’d J.E.D.". A Christensen and Stone catalog April 1975 lot #35 describes this piece as "CA 1908". It was also described as silver, but the piece shown here is silver plate. Look at #81, #399, and #329a for similar "harbor map" medals. Silver plated brass, Very Rare. 40mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

San Pedro Los Angeles Harbor Opportunity Improvements Medal

329c) Uniface medal depicting the Waco Texas Cotton Palace. Undated but probably circa 1910. Bronze, Very rare. 38mm. Image courtesy Josef Traktovenko

Waco Texas Cotton Palace Circa 1910 Star Medal

330) Souvenir of Salina, Kansas City Hall 1911. Very Rare. Aluminum, 38.1mm


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Salina Kansas Souvenir City Hall 1911 Medal

331) A larger so called dollar. "In Celebration Of The 175th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Redwood Library And Athenaeum Newport R. I." In tiny lettering on the reverse: "Newman, N.Y." Rare, Bronze, 44.5mm.

Redwood Library and Athenaeum 175th Anniversary New Port R.I. Medal

332) "Golden Jubilee Anniversary / Cincinnati Zoo / Sept. 18 1925". I have only seen it in bronze. Rare bordering on Very Rare. Bronze, 36mm.

Golden Jubilee Anniversary Cincinnati 1925 Andrew Erkenbrecher Medal

333) Completed in just 3 years for the Great Northern Railroad in 1928, the Cascade Tunnel is still part of the main Amtrak/freight rail line through the Cascade Mountains connecting the port of Seattle with places east. For many decades it was the longest tunnel in the western hemisphere. Very Rare. Brass, 34.7mm.



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Cascade Tunnel Great Northern Railway 1925 A. Guthrie & Company Medal

333a) Medal commemorating the opening of the Soldiers Memorial Building in Lansing Michigan. Very Rare. Bronze, 38.2mm

United Veterans Council 1930 Soldiers Memorial Building Lansing Michigan Medal

334) Commemorating the opening of a commuters service between Pontiac and Detroit, Michigan in 1931. "Grand Trunk Station". Rare, bordering on Very Rare. Bronze, 34.3mm.


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Opening Commuter Train Service Pontiac To Detroit Birmingham 1931 Medal

335) 1935 dedication of Stratford Hall, Home of the Lees. In Westmoreland Co. Va. Very Rare. Yellow bronze, 38mm.

Robert E. Lee Stratford Hall Home Of The Lees Memorial 1935 Medal

335a) Dedication of the First Aerial Tramway in North America, June 1938 Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. Bronze, 33.5mm. Image courtesy Josef Traktovenko

First Aerial Tramway Dedication Franconia Notch New Hampshire 1938 Medal

336) "City Hall Grand Island, Nebraska / Dedication June 14, 1940". Very Rare. Gilt brass, 34.9mm.

City Hall Grand Island Nebraska Dedication 1940 Medal

337) The Pennsylvania Turnpike set the standard for modern superhighways in the United States. This "Eastern Extension", built in 1950, was the first expansion completed following World War II. Rare. Nickel or Nickel silver, 38.2mm.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Eastern Extension Opening 1950 Gulf Medal

338) 1952 United Nations completion medal. I bought it off ebay, and it is the exact same piece that sold in Johnson & Jensen sale #25 lot#479 in 1983. Struck by the Medallic Art Co. Rare bordering on Very Rare. Yellow Bronze, 38.4mm.



United Nations Headquarters New York Erected 1952 Medal

339) Commemorates the opening of Viking Hall at the Hayden Planetarium, New York City. There was also a book, "The Viking Rocket Story" that was given out at the opening June 30, 1955 by the Martin Company of Baltimore. Rare. Bronze, 38mm




Opening Viking Hall Hayden Planetarium New York U.S. Navy 1955 Medal

340) Undated souvenir from the deep sea Mammoth Wharf, no trace of which exists today. On the reverse is the old North Beach Bath House in Santa Monica. Very Rare. Aluminum, 38.2mm



Mammoth Wharf Port of Los Angeles Santa Monica Souvenir Medal

341) An undated souvenir token showing the old Signal Station atop Pike's Peak, with the Denver mint on the reverse. This piece bears an uncanny resemblance in style to HK343a and HK726, and was probably minted at or around the same time. This is the only one I have found. Look at #341a below. Extremely Rare. Brass, 36.2mm


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Signal Station Summit Pikes Peak United States Mint Medal

341a) 1906 Elks Grand Lodge reunion held in Denver, Colorado. Reverse the same as #341 above showing the Denver U.S. Mint. Due to their similarity in style, it appears to me that HK-340, HK-343, HK-343a, HK-726, and #341 above were all minted by the same maker, but the certainty of when they were minted has never been entirely clear. This Elks lodge piece with it's 1906 Reunion date helps to establish with more certainty the year 1906 as the possible date when they were all minted. Image courtesy Scott Safe.

Grand Lodge Reunion BPOE Elks 1906 United States Mint Denver Medal

341b) Medal by George Lovett of the Old Middle Dutch Church. The church had multiple uses until it was demolished in 1882. This medal is found in silver, white metal, copper and brass. All metals together, Rare. Individually, Rare to Very Rare in silver, brass and white metal, but perhaps Very to Extremely Rare in copper. 34mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin at Lovett Tokens and Medals.

Old Middle Dutch Church Nassau Riding School For British Dragoons Medal

341c) Medal by George Lovett of the Old Round House. Le Roy, New York. First obverse variety. Found in white metal, bronze and possibly silver. White metal, 34mm


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Old Round House Le Roy, N.Y. Dedicated To Scholars Medal

341d) Medal by George Lovett of the Old Round House. Le Roy, New York. Second obverse variety. Found in white metal, bronze and silver. Bronze, 34mm

Old Round House Le Roy, N.Y. Dedicated To Scholars Medal

341e) The tallest building in Cleveland when it was built in 1900. Imploded 82 year later. Aluminum, 38.2mm

Williamson Building Cleveland Ohio Tallest Building In State Medal


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