This website is the result of a "coin nut"(Me....John Raymond), who has been collecting so called dollars since about 1990.

The more important parts of this website are:

Rarity tally/study by HK number of so called dollars that are "Listed" in Harold Hibler and Charles Kappen's reference book(HK) of "So Called Dollars". There are no images and there is no search page. Best to buy the book or the digital version on Amazon or go here for images.

"Unlisted" so called dollars that were not included in HK that seem to fit HK's original criteria for inclusion. There are images, and there is an Unlisted so called dollar search page. Unlike those that are listed in HK, I have no rarity tally/study for these unlisted pieces(except for some Washington medals - read below).

Rarity tally study by Baker/Rulau number of George Washington tokens and medals that seem to fit HK's original criteria for inclusion, both listed, and some unlisted in both Baker/Rulau and HK. There is no search page, but those that were unlisted in HK are also included within the Unlisted so called dollars section and the Unlisted so called dollar search page.

World Columbian Exposition search page of so called dollar sized tokens and medals that seem to fit HK's original criteria, both listed in HK and unlisted(many also unlisted in Eglit). Many have linked images. There is also a separate search page(with tallies) of World Columbian so called dollar sized Store Cards

Examples of so called dollar-like medals that are "Related" to so called dollars, but not usually included as part of the tradition definition.

Web links including auction venues with past sales prices of so called dollars.

So Called Dollars for sale. If this link is dead, then I have nothing for sale at this time.


I update and add to this site on a somewhat regular basis.

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Happy Collecting!

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