So Called Dollars For Sale

email or call:, (509)421-1480.

Ten Day return privilege if left in slab. I can also do lay-away payment plans up to 6 months.

Click On Images For Enlargements…….and Thanks For Looking!

HK-17 MS-64 BN $375

HK-125c MS-63 Silver, NGC-MS-63 $1800. Original dark toning with slight bluish-redish iridescence in the fields.

HK-133c MS-64, (SOLD)

HK-173 MS-65 DPL. Sharp and bright, (SOLD)

HK-196 MS-62 DPL. One of the few of this series graded DPL, $220

HK-203 Aluminum, MS-64 DPL. There is only one DPL in the entire series graded higher at NGC. $475

HK-227 MS-62 DPL. $325

HK-259 MS-62 PL, $300

HK-291 MS-64 DPL. Shows some rub on the high point of the buffalo. Sometimes found holed. $430

HK-312 MS-64 PL. Highest graded at NGC, (SOLD)

HK-313 MS-64 DPL. About half of these are holed. $410

HK-331a MS-64 PL, None graded higher, (SOLD)

HK-344 MS-65, Very attractive $675

HK-346 MS-66 BN, $280

HK-368 MS-64, $390

HK-395 MS-65, Attractive subdued luster. $675

HK-428 MS-65, $310

($1400)HK-437 MS-66 DPL, $1400

HK-453 MS-66, $275

HK-467 MS-66, $250

HK-478 MS-64, $225

HK-487a MS-63, $850

HK-601a MS-65 BN, $440

HK-652 MS-65, $240

HK-667 MS-64, $360

HK-828 MS-66, $4200

HK-832 MS-65, $390

($320)HK-867 MS-63, $320

HK-868 MS-64, $380

GW-833 MS-64 BN, Baker 321A, $300

Eureka 49 Slug MS-65, $425

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