Click on images for enlargements



386) A political medal commemorating those who voted for McKinley and the gold standard, as opposed to Bryan and the bi-metallic gold/silver standard. I have included this piece because of it's unmistakable association with the Bryan dollars(HK777 - HK786), and also because it appears to have been minted as a commemorative "AFTER" the vote. Minted by Robert Sneider of New York who was the successor to George Lovett. Found in white metal and bronze and probably of equal rarity in each metal. Combining both metal varieties together, Rare bordering on Very Rare. Bronze, 38.5mm. Click Here for a holed uniface version of this medal.



William McKinley Voted For Honest Dollar Patriots of 1896 Medal

387) Unlisted in HK's first edition, HK866b in the second edition. A muling of the obverse of HK863 with the reverse of HK435. Dickeson 2 (Delorey). The "Confederation" side of this piece is also the same as the obverse HK442, the reverse of HK857, the obverse of HK866, the reverse of HK877, and the reverse of HK887. Rare. Copper/Bronze, 38.5mm.



Perseverando Confederation Beaver All Seeing Eye Dickeson Medal

387a) Like HK824 but with an incuse "1929". Evidently only three in existence. At this time the significance of the "1929" is not known. This example has a poorly struck "Denver" at a slight left to right upward slant relative to the upper line. Pedley-Ryan dollars were hand struck. Daniel Carr (Moonlight Mint - Loveland, Colorado) has suggested that in the case of this piece, the die appears to have been struck twice - once tilted one way causing only the "Pedley-Ryan & Co." to be impressed into the disc, then slanted the other way and struck a second time causing only the "Denver" portion of the die to be impressed. Note that the upper part of the lettering in "Pedley-Ryan & Co" is stronger than the lower part of the lettering, with the opposite being true of the "Denver" lettering. He has also suggested that this might be the same reason that the "Denver" in HK826 is missing, as all of the HK826 pieces that he has seen are more deeply impressed in the upper parts of the "Pedley-Ryan & Co" lettering than the lower parts.

A second example of this piece that I have seen has "Denver" in proper alignment and fully struck, so in that case the die was properly aligned and probably struck once. Extremely Rare. Image courtesy of Daniel Carr.

Pedley Ryan & Co. One Ounce Silver 90% 1929 Dollar

387b) An HK-825 with obverse and reverse engravings. If anyone finds another one of these, or if anyone knows what the engravings might mean, let me know.



Pedley Ryan & Co. HK-825 1933 Engraved IOU H T dollar

387c) An HK-825 with a "JO" counterstamp. Thus far there are two known with the "JO" counterstamp above "Pedley-Ryan & Co", and one with the "JO" on the other side below "430 Grains". NGC has certified them. Any others out there? Image courtesy John Wang.

Pedley Ryan & Co. HK-825 JO Counterstamp



388) Thaddeus Lowe's 1859 great air ship "City of New York". His goal of crossing the Atlantic never came to pass. The following year it was renamed "The Great Western". Found in white metal, bronze and evidently silver. Rare in white metal. Very Rare in bronze. I did not find one in silver, but beware that the white metal pieces are often(always?) silver plated. Rulau NY-NY 50 (Rulau's dating of this piece is incorrect. The correct date is 1859). Bronze, 34.7mm



City of New York Great Air Ship Balloon Thaddeus Lowe Medal

389) Commemorates a "Bicycle Tournament" and the City of Springfield. Very Scarce in white metal with approximately 2/3 being holed. Extremely Rare in gilt or bronze. Rulau Ma-Sp 2, Storer 1638. Gilt, 35.4mm.

Bicycle Tournament Springfield A Town A City September 1883 Medal

390) Rowing regattas along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia have been an ongoing tradition for over 150 years. "57th Regatta Philadelphia June 18 1910", "Schuylkill Navy". This is the only one of these I have come across. Extremely Rare. Gilt, 33.5mm.



Regatta Philadelphia June 1910 Schuylkill Navy Mermaid Medal

390a) Commemorating an automobile tour organized by the Automobile Club of Kansas City in 1910. It was to cover 2,000 miles in twelve days, but the Trinidad route was losing support by Kansas’ites. Fisher Peak is only 9,622 ft, but boosters in Trinidad promoted the town as a possible stop including achieving "10,000 feet" in an automobile which was quite an accomplishment at the time. Medal given to race participants as a warm welcome to those who arrived at Trinidad on Sept. 2, 1910. Tour was won by the Buick No. 17 who was later dis-qualified and award given to the 1910 REO Touring car. Very Rare. 38mm. Bronze. Image courtesy of Robert Jesinger.

Fisher’s Peak Trinidad, Colorado 1910 Kansas City Star Trophy Tour

391) "Souvenir" of the "Olympic Games 1932" in "Los Angeles, Cal." On the obverse: "U.S. Battle Fleet". Struck by Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Company(Johnson & Jensen #8 lot#689). This piece can be found either round or octagonal. Combining both varieties together, Rare. See #392 below. Gilt Brass, 38.1mm. There is also a modern copy of the reverse of this piece that is found combined with a copy die of the reverse of HK724. Click Here for an example and comparison.

U.S. Battle Fleet at Olympic games 1932 Souvenir Los Angeles Medal

392) Undated souvenir of the "United States Navy Battle Fleet". Same obverse as above with a different reverse. Navy ships were evidently present at the 1932 Olympic sailing events that were held in the ocean off Los Angeles. Appears to be rarer than #391 above. Unlike the piece above which comes in both round and octagonal varieties, I have only found this one round. Very Rare. Gilt brass, 38.1mm



U.S. Battle Fleet at Olympic games 1932 Souvenir Navy Medal

393) Souvenir commemorating a 1937 boat race from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Benton, Montana. Rare. Copper, 37.5mm.

St. Louis Missouri to Fort Benton Motor Boat Race 1937 Medal

394) This athletic competition festival is still held today in Santa Barbara. "Semana Nautica Santa Barbara California / July 1 To 5, 1936". Rare bordering on Very rare. Copper(?) plated nickel, 38.2mm.



Semana Nautica Santa Barbara California July 1936 Medal

394a) An undated souvenir medal from the San Francisco area featuring Mount Tamalpais. From a Christensen and Stone sale September 10, 1977 it was described as "CA 1940". The piece shown here has had environmental damage. Very Rare, Brass or possibly Gilt Brass, 34.9mm.

Mount Tamalpais San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge medal

395) A cooperative effort of the United Kingdom and the US in 1956, the Mayflower II was built in Brixham, England, and was sailed to the United States in 1957. Today it can be toured near Plymouth, Massachusetts. Medal minted by John Pinches of England. Found in it's original blue and green lined box. Rare bordering on Very Rare. Bronze, 38.6mm

Commemorating The Building Of Mayflower II 1956 Medal

396) In 1957 the Mayflower 2 (a full scale reproduction of the original) sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a 55 day voyage. Medal minted by Pinches of England. Read above. Rare in bronze, Very Rare in silver. Bronze, 38.2mm.



Commemorating The Sailing Of Mayflower II 1957 Medal

397) Commemorating the launching of Explorer 1, the first US satellite into space. January 31, 1958. This piece may have been minted in the early 1960s as part of a series that includes some of the earliest space race missions between the United States and Russia, but I decided to include it here anyway. Can be found in in what appears to nickel, antique bronze and silver. The silver ones have "Sterling" on the edge. Rare in any metal. Nickel, 33.8mm



First U.S. Satellite January 1958 Explorer I Cape Canaveral Medal

398) Undated pre-1960 souvenir from the American side of Niagara Falls. "Prospect Point". Thin aluminum, Very rare, 34.9mm

Souvenir of Niagara Falls Prospect Point Token

398a) Another Niagara Falls souvenir medal, this one with a bawdy "rooster" reverse. There are similar bawdy tokens from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and the 1901 Pan American Expo. For those interested in the nuances of so called dollar inclusion/exclusion, the reverse of this piece does not cause it to be classified as a so called dollar, but PERHAPS it does not negate it either. What bothers me though is that these may have been a kind of brothel token, and thus a kind of store card which would tend to negate it for inclusion as a so called dollar. At the time they were minted it may have been taboo to have the actual business location stated on the token. Unlike towns out west that may have consisted of many single men, visiting Niagara Falls or a World’s Fair would have been a mostly family affair where it would have been unwise to advertise a brothel. There are a number of clever ways these could have been distributed, or perhaps given to clients as they exited the brothel. At any rate, at this point I am really not sure. Anyone have any history I am not aware of? What carries this piece into the so called dollar realm is the Niagara Falls "Souvenir" side. Like the other Niagara Falls piece above, or the Mount Rainier one below, it does not commemorate a public event, which is the case with the vast majority of so called dollars. Instead it is a souvenir of a public place similar to HK-343a, HK-620 and other undated so called dollars(also look above at #388, 392, 394a). Extremely Rare, Aluminum, 34.9mm

Niagara Falls Presented For Having Largest Cock Souvenir Token

399) An undated souvenir medal from the Puget Sound area around Seattle. The Mt Rainier height of 14,529 was a measurement taken by Edgar McClure in 1897. He was killed while descending the mountain. There were a number of published heights given for Mt Rainier up until 1914 when the US Geological Survey's more accurate measurement of 14,408 was determined. The map side of this piece is similar in style to #81, #329a and #329b. The piece shown here is solid silver. Very Rare. Silver. 38mm. Image courtesy of Dan West.

Mt. Rainier 14,529 Feet Puget Sound


When I first began to put this group together I did not realize how many I would end up with. There are many different reasons for people to organize into groups. My basic criteria for inclusion is whether or not the group is an openly "Public" organization as opposed to say a more exclusionary fraternal organization, but many are hard to classify as such, especially many societies and professional organizations. Three of the following medals listed below also commemorate organizational dinners. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I exclude all temperance society medals. HK includes three medals of Frances Willard who was the leader of the temperance movement, but these commemorate the woman herself, two of which appear to be statue dedications. For Washington temperance medals by George Lovett, click HERE at Dave Baldwin's Lovett website.


400) "Betsy Ross Monument Association Of The Patriotic Orders Of U S of A". Found in either bronze or white metal with the white metal one possibly being slightly rarer. I have never found one holed in either metal, but have found one in bronze with a clamped on loop. Combining both metal varieties together, Rare. Bronze, 35.2mm.



Betsy Ross Monument Association Patriotic Orders U.S. of A. Medal

401) "Honorary Board Of Filipino Commissioners.....", "Seal Of Board Of Trade 1876". I guess maybe this commemorates some sort of trade meeting. Any ideas? Also exists in white metal. Very Rare in either metal and often found holed in both metals, sometimes with an attachment. Copper, 38.1mm.

Bridgeport Board of Trade Filipino Commissioners 1904 Medal

402) This piece celebrates the anniversary of a trade association in the form of a banquet. "Souvenir Of XXXII Anniversary Banquet Silk Association Of America Feb. XI. MCMIV". Very Rare. Silver, 38mm.



Silk Association of America 32nd Anniversary Banquet 1904 Medal

403) 25th anniversary of the National Sanitary Supply Association, April 1948. Today it is called the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, with more than 6,000 company members globally. Nickel. Very Rare, 38.1mm

National Sanitary Supply Association 25th Anniversary 1948 Souvenir Medal

404) From the "New York Security Dealers Ass'n Silver Anniversary/1950" Marked "Sterling". In hope that the Bear won't rear it's ugly head! Silver. Very Rare, 38.4mm

New York Security Dealers Association Silver Anniversary 1950 Medal

405) Third jubilee of the "Retail Grocers Association Of Philadelphia Organized 1886 Incorporated 1887". Rulau Pa-Ph342. Found in white metal or bronze. Very Rare in either metal. 37.7mm

Retail Grocers Association Philadelphia Third Annual Jubilee 1888 Medal

405a) Scientific Society of San Antonio 25th Anniversary 1904-1929. Very Rare. Bronze, 37mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Scientific Society Of San Antonio 25th Anniversary 1929 Medal

406) Medal by George Lovett. Found in bronze, white metal and silver. Very Rare in bronze and white metal. Extremely Rare in silver. 34mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin at Lovett Tokens and Medals.

Historical & Forestry Society Rockland Washington’s Headquarters Medal

407) Commemorating the 25th dinner of the Pennsylvania Society held December 25th, 1933. Silver wash over copper. 38.4mm. Very Rare. There is also a related medal with this same obverse but with a reverse commemorating the erection of the William Penn Memorial in All Hallows Barking in London, but I have only seen it with loop or loop removed. To the left of portrait is "JF" for the designer, John Flanagan. 38.4mm

Pennsylvania Society William Penn Twenty Fifth Dinner 1933

408) "The National Association Of Watch And Clock Collectors" medal 1954. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Very Rare. Bronze, 37.9mm

National Association Watch Clock Collectors Canton Ohio 1954 Medal

409) 1922 Cleveland Ohio Roadmaster And Maintenance Of Way Association medal. Very Rare. From the collection of Dave Jensen. Brass, 38.3mm



Roadmasters Maintenance Of Way Association 40th Convention Cleveland 1922 Medal

410) The obverse of this medal commemorates the 1808 centennial of the first use of anthracite coal by Jesse Fell in the Wyoming valley in present day Luzerne County Pennsylvania. The reverse commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It has since changed it’s name to the Luzerne County Historical Society. Rare, Bronze, 38mm.

Wyoming Pennsylvania Coal Jesse Fell Historical & Geological Society 1908 Medal

410a) An undated medal with a Milwaukee Bay Cream City obverse combined with an an "Advancement" Association for the promotion of a track elevation in the Milwaukee area. I do not know the history of this. If anyone knows, let me know. Very rare, Aluminum, 38.5mm

Milwaukee Bay Track Elevation Advancement Association Bay View Lake Park Medal

410b) Commemorating an 1888 Butchers and Drovers Convention held in Philadelphia. This is the only one I have seen. Extremely Rare. Bronze, 37.4mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Butchers Drovers Provision Dealers Association Philadelphia Convention Medal

410c) Commemorating the centennial of the 1796 small pox inoculation by the English physician Edward Jenner. Issued by the Medical Society of the County of Kings of Brooklyn, New York. Extremely Rare as far as I can tell. Bronze, 37.8mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Vaccination 1896 Jenner Commemorative Medical Society County of Kings Medal

410d) Commemorating the organization of the National Association of Fourth Class Post Masters in 1892. Shows Uncle Sam standing on a postal worker, having to do with a political conflict that the postal workers were having with the U.S. government. Strongly Very Rare. Aluminum, 35mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.




410e) From the National Convention Of Railroad Commissioners, Denver 1899. No sign of loop removal. Uniface. Strongly Very Rare. Brass, 38.5mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.


410f) From the National Education Association in Dallas, Texas 1927. Very rare, Thin brass, 36mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler


410g) An interesting early Marking Device Association medal, much earlier than any of those listed in HK. Very Rare, possibly Extremely Rare. Brass, 38mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Marking Device Association 34th Convention Chicago 1948 Medal

410h) Souvenir medal from a Chamber of Commerce dinner held in Rochester, New York, January 1904. Very rare, Aluminum, 37.9mm

Souvenir Sixteenth Annual Dinner January 1904 Rochester Chamber Of Commerce Medal



411a) Commemorating the 1896 centennial celebration of the invention of lithography, featuring Alois Senefelder as the inventor. On the obverse there is a small M.S. at the base of the bust. The reverse side is slightly concave, and reads " Grimm Engraving Co. St. Louis". This is the only one that I have come across, so for now at least I am calling it Extremely Rare. Aluminum, 37.6mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Alois Senefelder Inventor Of Lithography Centennial Celebration Medal

412) Unlisted in the first edition of HK, HK724a in the second edition. Same as HK724 but with a different obverse inscription. "In Commemoration Of Your Visit With The Mayor". In tiny lettering: "Mfg. By Harvey Aluminum". This piece appears to be rarer than HK724. Rare bordering on Very Rare. Gold anodized aluminum, 37.5mm.


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In Commemoration Of Your Visit With The Mayor Los Angeles Token

413) "This Medal Is made Of Aluminum Produced By Natural Gas From Findlay Clay / 12,000,000 Cubic Feet Daily / Karg Well"; "Souvenir Of The Anniversary Of The Application Of Natural Gas To The Mechanical Arts Findlay, Ohio. June 8, 9, 10, 1887." This is a strange medal, as it is never found in aluminum. Rare. Brass, 34mm.

Made Of Aluminum Produced By Natural Gas Findlay Clay Karg Well Medal

414) Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Orangetown Fire Company with a blank reverse. Established in 1834, evidently the oldest fire company in Rockland County, New York. This obverse may have been used with a 50 cent reverse. Extremely Rare. Brass, 34mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Orangetown Fire Company 125th Anniversary 1834 1959 Medal


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