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264) "Washington Crossing The Delaware". Not in Rulau/Fuld (Medallic Portraits Of Washington 2nd Edition by Russell Rulau and George Fuld). I have only found it in white metal. Extremely Rare. White metal, 37.7mm.



General Washington Crossing the Delaware 1776 Medal

265) Another "Washington Crossing The Delaware" reverse, and also not in Rulau/Fuld. This same obverse was also used on #270 below as well as BakerD-324 and BakerN-324(HK763 - note that Baker PA324 is described as being HK763 - confusing). I have only located it in bronze. Very Rare. Bronze, 37.7mm.

General George Washington Crossing the Delaware 1776 Medal

266) Handsome high relief medal from the centennial of the evacuation of the British from New York in 1783. Same obverse as HK145 but with a different reverse. Found in white metal, bronze/copper, and silver(for a silver one look at Abner Kreisberg mail bid sale October 31, 1966 lot#71). The piece shown here is 5 mm thick at the rim and 7mm thick at highest point. Rare in white metal(but harder to find nice) with all(?) being unholed. Extremely Rare in copper/bronze. Extremely Rare in silver. Baker459, Bronze, 44.8mm.



New York Evacuated By the British Centennial November 1883 Medal

266a) Baker E-452. Commemorating the 1791 presentation of guns to Chatham Artillery by George Washington, captured at the surrender of Cornwallis at the battle of Yorktown ten years earlier. Very rare in bronze and white metal. Also found one example in gilt copper(Kurt Krueger auction #142 lot#2787). Have not located any in silver. Rulau/Fuld only lists in bronze. 44.8mm White Metal. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Washington Chatham Artillery Cornwallis Captured At Yorktown Medal

266b) A second medal commemorating the 1791 presentation of guns to Chatham Artillery by George Washington. A die combination of Baker O-322 with Baker E-452. Unlike the one above, I have only found this variety in white metal. Not listed in Baker. The only auction record that I know of is from Presidential Coin and Antique #34 Part 2 lot #818, so it appears to be rarer than Baker E-452. Barely makes so called dollar size, rounded down to 45mm. 45.1mm. White Metal.


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Washington Chatham Artillery Cornwallis Captured At Yorktown Medal

266c) Chatham Artillery Centennial Anniversary 1786 1886 held at Savannah Georgia May 1st 1886. Found in both bronze and white metal and very rare in either metal. In white metal they are often holed. Bronze, 38mm. Images courtesy Randy Dobler


267) This medal commemorates the centennial of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. BakerA1810 in white metal, but unlisted in bronze. Signed "Morgan" in the shadow at the base of bust. Very Scarce bordering on Rare in white metal, with most being holed. Very Rare in bronze with most in nice condition. Bronze, 35mm.


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Centennial of the Adoption of the Constitution Washington 1887 Medal

267a) Baker-1810. Very Scarce in white metal and holed in white metal approximately 75% of the time. Very rare in bronze and probably never holed as such. Rulau/Fuld only list it in white metal. Signed "Morgan" at the shadowed base of the bust. Image courtesy of Stacks from November 2019 lot#20716 at Stack’s Bowers Galleries

President of the Convention 1787 1887 Adoption of the Constitution Medal

268) Commemorating the centennial of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. Baker-1800 and Baker-1800A. Very Scarce in white metal, but Very Rare in nicer Unc in white metal. Approx. 60% are holed in white metal and sometimes found with top eagle pin attachment. Rare to Very Rare in bronze, and usually found in nice condition as such and never(?) holed. Bronze, 37.7mm.

Constitutional Centennial Philadelphia 1887 President Washington Medal

268a) Unlisted in Rulau/Fuld, but with a similar obverse design to Douglas 44. In the November 2019 Stacks Baker auction there were four of these that sold, all in white metal. Two were holed and two were un-holed. But looking through old catalogs, I only found two of these, both also in white metal and both holed. The two un-holed examples from the Stacks auction are the only ones I have seen un-holed. With so many of these showing up at one auction, one might conclude that these pieces are not very rare, however I found only two, and it is also unlisted in Rulau/Fuld/Baker. So, for me, Rare to Very Rare holed and Very Rare to Extremely Rare un-holed. White metal, 32.9mm. Image courtesy of Stacks from November 2019 lot#20731 at Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Constitutional Centennial Philadelphia PA Liberty Bell 1887 Medal

269) Obverse of HK126 with the other side different. It is not listed in Rulau/Fuld in White metal, but appears to be somewhat more common in white metal than copper or silver. The only silver one that I found was from Presidential Coin and Antique Co. #30 lot#245. Rare in white metal and almost always found without a hole. Very Rare in copper and usually uncirculated. Extremely Rare in silver. BakerJ-195. White metal, 35.1mm.



Gen. Geo. Washington Anniversary Evacuation Valley Forge 1890 Medal

270)Centennial Anniversary of General Washington's Farewell Address. I bought this piece and another in bronze at Presidential sale #78, June 2008 lots #1018 and #1019. Read Presidential Coin and Antique Co #45 lot#726 for a second piece in white metal. Note the reverse die crack extending out to the rim at 8:00. Not in Baker(Rulau/Fuld). Very Rare bordering on Extremely Rare in white metal. Extremely Rare in bronze. White metal, 37.8mm

Washington Farewell Address Centennial Somerville 1896 Medal

270a) Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown. Found in silver, bronze/copper, and white metal. Rare in white metal and holed half the time. Very rare in copper/bronze, extremely rare in silver. I have usually seen this piece described in auction catalogs as 33mm, not 32 mm as stated in Baker/Rulau/Fuld. Baker 453. Bronze, 33mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Washington Lafayette De Grasse Surrender Yorktown 1881 Baker 453 Medal

270b) Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown. Found in copper/bronze or white metal. Appears to be Rare to Very Rare in either metal, but usually holed in white metal. Have not seen in silver, and Baker does not list it as such. Baker 451. Bronze, 33mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Washington Oct 19, 1881 Surrender At Yorktown 1771 Baker 451 Medal

270c) Another medal commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown. Rulau/Fuld Baker 454. Baker describes this piece as being 32 mm in diameter which is in error. Johnson and Jensen sale #25 lot#325(July 1983) described a bronze piece as 33.2mm. A white metal piece that I have measures 33mm exactly. The beautiful silver example shown here from Stacks November 2019 auction(lot#20689) was described as 33mm in diameter. I did not tally this piece because initially I thought it too small to include as a so called dollar. Probably extremely rare in silver, rare to vary rare in bronze or white metal. Silver, 33mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Four Portraits Baker-454 Surrender Yorktown State of Pennsylvania Medal

270d) Reverse is the same obverse as HK11 and HK11a. Besides the piece shown here, the obverse was also used for the obverse of a George McClellan political campaign token. It was also used on a civil war ID tag. Extremely Rare in any metal. Found in copper, white metal and silver. Silver. 34mm. Image from Dave Baldwin's Lovett website

George McClellan Bombardment Fort Sumter 1861 Medal

271) "Pennsylvania Volunteers", "Gettysburg July 3, 1863", "In Commemoration Of The Return Of The State Flags....", I have found this piece described as white metal, brass, and bronze. Very Rare in each metal. Brass, 38.8mm.


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Pennsylvania Volunteers Gettysburg Flags Independence Hall Medal

271a) A second "Pennsylvania Volunteers" medal. Multiple battle locations named on the reverse. I have found it in white metal and bronze. Same obverse as #271 above. Usually found unholed in either metal. Very Rare in either metal. White Metal, 38mm. Image courtesy Kevin Himber

Pennsylvania Volunteers Gettysburg Antietam July 1863 Medal

272) A military commemorative of the "Semi-Centennial German Artillary Charleston, S.C." I have only found it in copper. Very Rare. Copper, 38.6mm

Semi-centennial German Artillery Hillsboro 1860 1865 Medal

273) I have found this piece described as silver, silveroid(45% nickel, 54%copper, 1% manganese), bronze and white metal. Look at Presidential Coin and Antique Co. #51 lots #105 and #106 for silver and silveroid examples. Rare in white metal, Very Rare in bronze. Extremely Rare in silver or silveroid. Almost always found without a hole in all metals. Signed by George Lovett, "Lovett, FEC.". Bronze, 39.7mm.



John Stark Centennial Battle of Bennington 1777 Medal

274) "Monument Association Of The Capture Of Andre/Tarrytown, N.Y." Very Scarce bordering on Rare in white metal and occasionally found holed as such. Rare in bronze. Extremely Rare in gilt. Rulau NY-Ta 3. Bronze, 34.5mm.

Monument Association of the Centennial Capture of Andre 1780 Medal

274a) From an 1880 Grand Benefit Fair for the Worcester Continentals. This was no doubt a public benefit fair for the organization. The Worcester Continentals were a Massachusetts military fraternity. By George Lovett. Found in bronze and white metal. Rare in either metal and sometimes holed in white metal. 39.8mm

Worcester Continentals Benefit Fair April 1880 Medal

274b) Commemorating The Erection of The New Arsenal in 1884. I could not find any information about it on the internet. The obverse shows a soldier from the Savannah Volunteer Guards, originally organized in 1802, later fighting in the War of 1812, the Civil War, and the Spanish American War, and WWII. Found in white metal or bronze and Very to Extremely Rare in either metal. Found with a clamped on loop in bronze. White metal, 34.7mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Erection New Arsenal Savannah Volunteer Guards Battalion 1884 Medal

275) Commemorating the "Centennial Anniversary" in "Defiance, Ohio" of the establishment of Fort Defiance. "Centennial Souvenir Gen. Anthony Wayne". Very Rare and found holed at least half the time. Aluminum, 38.4mm.


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Centennial Souvenir Fort Defiance 1894 Ohio Anthony wayne Medal

275a) Medal depicting the Old Dutch Church, where John Andre was tried. By George Lovett. Found in bronze, white metal and silver. Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal. Extremely Rare in silver. 34.2mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin at Lovett Tokens and Medals.

John Andre Old Dutch Church Tappan 1780 Medal

275b) Washington Elm medal by George Lovett. "The Lover Of Peace". Baker 436. Found in copper/bronze and white metal. Combining both metals together, Very Scarce. Rare in either metal. White Metal. 39.7mm

Washington Elm Centennial Cambridge Isaac Woods 1775 1875 Medal

275c) Centennial Anniversary Of The Evacuation Of Fort Ontario Oswego N.Y. 1896". Extremely Rare in either bronze or white metal, and usually holed in white metal. Bronze, 38 mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.


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Centennial Anniversary Evacuation Fort Ontario Oswego 1896 Medal

275d) A fraternal medal commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Also commemorating an 1888 semi-annual encampment of the GAR. Very Rare in White Metal and sometimes holed. Extremely Rare in Bronze, 38mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Battle of Gettysburg 25th Anniversary GAR Pennsylvania 1888 Medal

275e) Commemorating an 1897 Reading Pennsylvania Golden Jubilee, showing Washington crossing the Delaware. Rare in Bronze and Rare in White Metal. Comes holed at least half the time in either metal. I found one in white metal described as having a "Patriotic Order Sons Of America" pin and R/W/B ribbon. This reverse is also found combined with the reverse of #264 above. 37.8mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Reading Pennsylvania 1897 Golden Jubilee Little Red School House Medal

275f) Massachusetts Delegation dedication of the Chattanooga and Chickamauga battlefields in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia September 1895. Very Rare, possibly Extremely Rare. Look at Johnson & Jensen sale September 16, 1979 lot #634 for an example. The description in the auction catalog states: "Probably struck at U.S. Mint. Storer 1269". Bronze, 39mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.


276) Medal of Admiral George Dewey and the Battle of Manila Bay. Small "HR" monogram above Dewey's right shoulder. There is also a second variety of this medal that lacks the "HR" initials, and with a different style of lettering. Both appear to be Rare. The variety without the HR monogram might be an older(original?) variety, and is sometimes found holed. The other possibly newer variety shown here is almost never found with a hole. Aluminum, 37.9mm.



Admiral George Dewey Manila May 1st 1898 Medal

277) Another Dewey medal. Found in aluminum and bronze. "Dewey And All The Boys Remembered The Maine", "First To The Death Of Spain's Tyranny". Small "Copyrighted" to the lower right of bust. Very Rare in either aluminum or bronze. Aluminum, 38mm.

Our Dewey Remember the Maine and Flagship Olympia Medal

277a) 1898 Admiral Dewey Manila Victory medal. Signed "C.F. Aliesky SC." around bottom obverse. I have seen this piece described as brass, bronze and aluminum, none of which are common. Combining all three metals together, strongly Rare. Bob Slawsky Auction #58 lot#304 for one described as brass. Charles Kirtley sale #11 lot#447 for one in aluminum. All that I found were un-holed, and probably un-looped. Bronze, 33mm. Image courtesy of Vermont Historical Society

Admiral USN Geo. Dewey Victory Manila May 1898 Aliesky Medal

278) "Our War With Spain In 1898/Cuba's Freedom". Looking through old auction/sales catalogs I found only one(Presidential Coin and Antique Co. #49 lot#718). The one shown here was off ebay. Very Rare. Aluminum, 38.5mm.


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Our War With Spain 1898 Cuba Freedom Our Heroes Medal

279) Celebrating the end of the Spanish American War. "Peace Jubilee 1898 / Philadelphia Oct. 26-27". In white metal virtually all are holed, sometimes with a hanger. Also exists in bronze. There is also an "Atlanta" variety, probably rarer than the Philadelphia piece shown here, and also extremely rare un-holed. The Philadelphia variety is extremely rare in bronze, rare in white metal, but extremely rare un-holed in white metal. Rulau Phl 75. White metal, 35.1mm.


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Philadelphia Peace Jubilee 1898 Let Us Have Peace Medal

280) "U.S. Grant 1822-1885". Obverse of HK278 with the same reverse as the one above. I bought this one on eBay in 2006 and it is the only one I have found in any metal. Extremely Rare. Bronze, 35.1mm.


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U. S. Grant 1822-1885 Let Us Have Peace Medal

281) End of the Spanish American war. Same "Let Us Have Peace" reverse as the two above medals. Found holed in white metal with hanger, and un-holed in bronze. Very to Extremely Rare in either metal. Bronze, 35mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.

Spanish American War Declared Let Us Have Peace 1898 Medal

281a) Same obverse as the piece above but with a four leaf clover reverse. Extremely Rare. Bronze, 35mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Spanish American War Declared Treaty Signed 1898 Army Corp Young Medal

281b) This small gold dollar size token has the same obverse as HK643, but with a Liberty Bell reverse. Poorly struck reverse, and notice the obverse die crack. Extremely Rare as far as I can tell. Silver plate, 14mm

Dove Olive Branch Liberty Bell HK-643 Unlisted Small Token

282) "National Peace Jubilee Chicago. 1898.". Rare bordering on Very Rare and usually found with a clamped on loop with ribbon and pinbar. The one shown here is a bit dinged up but shows no evidence of a previously attached loop. Plain edge. Extremely Rare unlooped. Read description of HK643. Brass, 37.9mm.


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National Peace Jubilee Chicago 1898 End Spanish American War Medal

282a) Medal from the end of the Spanish American War. No doubt by Hanson of Chicago but not marked as such. Has a very distinct "coin like" reeded edge, somewhat unusual for a Spanish American War souvenir commemorative. Very Rare, and often found holed. Brass, 38.1mm

Admiral Dewey Peace Cannon Angel Medal

282b) From the National Peace Jubilee held in Chicago October 1898. This piece can be found with two as made rabbit ear loops with an attached "Souvenir" top bar. The piece shown here shows signs of having had a clamped on loop, but shows absolutely no signs of ever having rabbit ear loops, so found both ways. Very Rare, Brass, 38mm.

National Peace Jubilee Chicago 1898 Our Heroes Three Portraits Medal

282c) Commemorating the 1902 dedication and preservation of the Stony Point Battle Field by the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society. The medal shown here, probably unique, was evidently given to the Honorable Andrew Haswell Green, with his name inscribed on the edge. Click Here for a bio of Andrew Haskell Green. Very Rare, but Extremely Rare un-holed. Silver, 35mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.

Stony Point Anthony Wayne Battle Field Preservation Society 1902 Medal

283) Obverse the same as HK351 except that "To Pacific Coast" is replaced by "San Diego, Cal." Listed in the second edition of HK as HK352d. HK351 is the most common of the series. All the others, including this one are rarer, with perhaps the octagonal HK352a being the rarest. Rare. Brass, 36.3mm.

Souvenir Visit Naval Fleet Rear Admiral Evans 1908 Fighting Bob Medal

283a) This is a variety of HK351, but with no dots before or after "To Pacific Coast", and with "1908" higher up in the field. I am not sure of the rarity of this piece compared to HK351. From the collection of Bill Walter. Rare? Brass, 36.3mm

Souvenir Visit Naval Fleet Rear Admiral Evans 1908 Fighting Bob Medal

284) This piece commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of the War of 1812. It is very similar to the original "Treaty of Ghent" medal which is larger. In tiny lettering on the reverse: "W. & H. Co. Newark, NJ". Rare. Bronze, 38.3mm.

Concord Between Great Britain and America New Orleans 1915 Medal

285) A commemorative souvenir of the 1925 Australian Cruise of the US fleet. "San Francisco Samoa Melbourne Auckland San Pedro San Diego Hawaii Sydney Hobart Wellington Panama New York". There are two reverse die varieties of this piece, the most obvious difference being a curved "AUSTRALIA" on one variety and a straight "AUSTRALIA" on the other (IMAGE). Both appear to be of similar rarity. Very Scarce. Brass, 38mm.

Australian Cruise United States Fleet 145 Ships Participating Medal

286) Unlisted in the first edition of HK, HK896a in the second edition. Obverse of HK896 paired with a different reverse. As far as I can tell, it is considerably rarer than HK896. Very Rare. Brass, 36mm.


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World War Began 1914 US Entered 1917 Armistice Signed 1918 Peace Medal

287) Unlisted in the first edition of HK, HK897a in the second edition. Obverse of HK897 paired with the same reverse as the previous piece above. Like the piece above, it too appears to be considerably rarer than HK897. Very Rare. Brass, 36mm.

World War Began 1914 US Entered 1917 Armistice Signed 1918 Peace Medal

288) Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga, 1938. Rare. Brass, 32.7mm(essentially 33mm rounded up)

Anniversary Battle of Chattanooga 1863-1938 Drums of Dixie Medal

289) A souvenir token from B-29 Day at the Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas 1944. "Wichita, Kansas Fifth War Loan / B-29 Day". The token makes reference to the June 15, 1944 invasion of Saipan which would give U.S. forces an airbase from which they could launch B-29 air attacks against Japan. Rare. Aluminum, 41.4mm.

Wichita Kansas B-29 Day Fifth War Loan Attacked Japan June 1944 Medal

290) This 1945 piece celebrates VE (Victory over Europe) and VJ (Victory over Japan). In 1898 this same obverse design was used on a few medals celebrating the end of the Spanish American War(look at #282 above). In tiny lettering: "Hanson Chicago". Rare. Gilt, 38mm.

Victory Over Europe Victory Over Japan 1945 Peace Medal

291) Obverse the same as the reverse of HK747. "More Air Force Per Dollar", Found in aluminum and copper. Combining both together, Very Rare, and much rarer than HK749. Copper, 38.3mm.


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Convair More Air Force Per Dollar General Dynamics Medal

291a) Similar to HK743 but without "25th Anniversary", and other differences. Rare, Aluminum, 38mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

North American Aviation Inc. U.S. Air Force F-86 Sabre Medal

292)"San Francisco Shipyard Naval Shipyard / 27-Oct. Navy Day 1947". Very Scarce. thin aluminum, 38.1mm

San Francisco Naval Shipyard Navy Day October 1947 Souvenir Token

293) Commemorating the launching of the "U.S.S. Nautilus / World's First Nuclear Powered Vessel". This piece sometimes comes with a cardboard insert. Very Scarce. Yellow bronze, 39.3mm.

U.S.S. Nautilus Nuclear Powered Vessel General Dynamics 1954 Medal

294) This is an undated medal that was sold by Stacks in the John Ford Part 9 auction lot #40. The obverse design is similar to HK2. Stacks described this piece as being minted sometime after 1826, possibly as late as the 1850s, but was uncertain of a more exact date. This is the only one that I have seen. Extremely Rare. White metal, 38.6mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Liberty and Equality Declaration of Independence John Ford Medal

294a) An undated Alamo souvenir medal by Carl Stubenrauch, probably made when he lived in San Antonio in the 1890s. There are similarities to this piece and HK-5. Look at Paul Koppenhaver sale July 30, 1993 lot #131 for another example. "C. Stubenrauch" below Alamo building in tiny lettering that is barely visible in my image. Very Rare. Bronze, 37.1mm

Alamo Souvenir Travis Crockett Bowie Bonham In Memory Of Medal


In the last section of HK(Section C Page 169), HK-892, HK-901, and HK-910 are medals that were given to war veterans for their service. All three are found without loops, holes, or hangers, although HK-901 and HK-910 are usually found with hangers and loops. I have been reluctant to include any medals on this website as "so called dollars" whose main purpose was to be given to someone for personal accomplishment, but being that HK included these three, I have decided to also include others. I still exclude any medals with the word "Award" in it's inscription. The criteria here is that they be of so called dollar size, are found un-looped or un-holed, and were made prior to 1960. There actually do not appear to be that many that fit these criteria. Other medals listed above on this page could have also been been issued as service medals with attached hangers etc., but my guess is that their main purpose was more as a souvenir commemorative than a service medal. I have placed all varieties of HK-892 here just for the sake of keeping them all together.


295) "U.S. Naval Campaign West Indies 1898", "William Sampson", "Commander In Chief", "Santiago De Cuba July 3.". Often found as a military participants medal with loop and hanger. There are other varieties that have "San Juan P.R", "Guantanamo", "Matanzas", and possibly others in place of "Santiago De Cuba". These latter varieties are rarer and appear to always come looped with hangers, and often with a participant name engraved on the edge. Rare. Bronze, 38.2mm.


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Naval Campaign West Indies 1898 William Sampson Medal

295a) Mexican Border Service medal, 1916-1917 issued by the Wisconsin National Guard. Made by Louis Essen of Milwaukee. Usually found with what appears to be a soldered loop with hanger. Found in Bronze and Gilt. Scarce, but Very Rare un-looped. 34mm. Image courtesy of John Wang.


295b) 1898 Military service medal issued by the City of Albany. "In Recognition of Honorable Service Rendered in the War Between the United States Of America and Spain 1898". Found in bronze, white metal, aluminum, and gold, usually with a clamped on loop. Rare in bronze, white metal or aluminum, and Extremely Rare in gold. 38mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries


295c) Like HK-892 but with a 1918 date. The example shown also has an obverse counter stamp that reads : "C. E. Stark 1918". Have found this 1918 variety described as bronze or brass. Very Scarce, Brass, 36mm. Image courtesy John Wang.

1918 Service With American Army Powder Dry Worlds War Medal

296) This and the following eight pieces have the same or similar reverses as HK892. The first four all relate to America's uneasy relationship with Mexico, during the Mexican revolution. The one shown here has been designated by NGC as HK-894D. It is most commonly found in bronze, but also found in silver plate and brass(gilt?). "In Memory Of My Life On The Mexican Border". Combining the bronze and two plated varieties together, Very Scarce bordering on Rare. Silver plated bronze, 36mm.


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My Army Life on Mexican Border Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

297) "Service In Mexico With The American Punitive Expedition In The Pursuit Of Villa". Has been designated as HK-894E by NGC. Appears to be rarer than some of the other HK892 varieties. Found in brass or bronze. Rare bordering on Very Rare. Brass, 36.1mm.


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Expedition In Pursuit of Villa 1916 Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

298) "Battle Of Vera Cruz / April 21st, 1914". The usual reverse wording is replaced by "Schwaab S. & S. Co. Milwaukee". The reverse device is also somewhat different. This variety appears to be somewhat more common than some of the others. Very Scarce. Brass, 35.9mm

Battle of Vera Cruz April 21st 1914 Medal

299) "Called To The Colors June 18, 1916 / For Service On The Mexican Border". Has been designated as HK-894C by NGC. I have found this piece described as copper, brass(gilt?) and silvered bronze. All three together, Rare. Bronze, 36mm.


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Called To The Colors Mexican Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

300) "Service With The American Army In France / 1918". Has been designated as HK-894B by NGC. Found in bronze, brass, and occasionally silver plate. Rare combining all three together. Brass, 36mm.


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Service American Army In France Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

301) This and the following three pieces are all "National Guard Encampment" souvenirs with different dates. This one is dated 1920. Has been designated as HK-894G by NGC. Others are dated 1921, 1923, 1924(look below). I have never seen a 1922 dated piece, if they exist at all. Altogether, they appear to be Rare, but individually they are all rarer than most of the other varieties. Note that the reverse device has slight differences from the other varieties above. Dated 1920. Very Rare, Brass, 36mm.


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National Guard Encampment 1920 Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

302) "National Guard Encampment". Dated 1921. Has been designated as HK-894H by NGC. Read #301 above. Very Rare. Brass, 36mm.

National Guard Encampment 1921 Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

303) "National Guard Encampment". Dated 1923. Has been designated as HK-894I by NGC. Read #301 above. Very Rare. Brass, 36mm.

National Guard Encampment 1923 Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

304) Same as the previous three pieces, but with a punched in 1924 date. Has been designated as HK-894J by NGC. It looks as if the original date underneath was 1921. Read #301 above. Very Rare. Bronze, 36.1mm

National Guard Encampment 1924 Trust In The Lord Keep Powder Dry Medal

304a) National Guard of Pennsylvania / Camp Winfield Scott Hancock / N.G.P. Mt. Gretna, Aug. 6-13, 1887; White Metal, 35.2mm. Click HERE for historical info

National Guard of Pennsylvania 1887 Camp Winfield Scott Hancock Medal


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