Click on images for enlargements


156) Norwalk Memorial. Baker 369. Issued by Issac F. Wood. Found in silver, copper/bronze, and white metal. I do not know the significance of the 1869 date, other than that was when the medal may have been minted. If someone knows, please email me. Issac Wood also issued an 1869 Haverford College medal. I am not aware of any celebration attached to this medal. Same nicely executed Washington military bust by Key used on HK30, HK39, and HK70b. Rare in white metal. Rare in bronze/copper. Very Rare in Silver. Silver, 38mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Norwalk Connecticut Memorial 1869 Bought From Norwake Indians Medal

157) The same obverse as HK140, but with a different reverse. Commemorating the 1882 bi-centennial of Pennsylvania. This is the only one I have found. Extremely Rare, Bronze, 35mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries


Bicentennial Of Pennsylvania October 1882 William Penn Medal

157a) Rulau Pa-Ph341. Same obverse as HK596. The reverse is virtually the same except that in place of the small upper seal it reads "Compliments Of Jacob Reed's Sons Clothiers Philadelphia". Found in white metal and bronze. Rare in white metal and usually holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze. 34.9mm


German American Bi-centennial 1883 Germantown Jacob Reeds Medal

157b) Obverse portrait of "J.B. Lamy Archbishop of New Mexico". Commemorating the third century anniversary of the establishment of Santa Fe, 1550-1883, showing San Miguel Chapel, the oldest church in the continental United States. Rulau NM-SF 6. White metal, 35 mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher


157c) Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Franklin County Pennsylvania 1784-1884. "Morgan" in tiny lettering at bottom of bust. Greenslet GM-112. Very Rare, White Metal, 33mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

1884 Centennial of Franklin County Pennsylvania Medal

158) "1785 Centennial Of Dauphin County, Harrisburg.-September- 1885". The same coat of arms as #163 and #165 below. Also exists in white metal. Very Rare in white metal. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze 37.6mm.


Centennial of Dauphin County Harrisburg September 1885 Medal

159) A second Dauphin County piece. Found in white metal, bronze and silver. Stacks sold two of these in silver, one in August of 2015 and a different one in March 2016. These were the first two that I had known of in silver. I found none in all of the old sales catalogs that I looked through, including all Presidential Coin and Antique Co sales, all Charles Kirtley sales, and many others. The white metal and bronze examples have "P.L. Krider Phila" in tiny lettering on the narrow raised area just below the scene with the small man with a pick axe. That lettering is missing on the silver pieces. It was suggested by Stacks that the silver pieces may have been made at the US mint, and the white metal and bronze pieces outside of the mint by a private minter. Rare in white metal and found holed maybe half the time. Extremely Rare in silver or bronze. White metal, 38.1mm.


Dauphin County Centennial 1785 1885 Medal

160) A third Dauphin County piece. "Firemans Day". This same firemen tools design shows up on a number of other so called dollar sized commemoratives, most of them dated 1886. All are quite rare. The piece shown here is Very Rare in white metal and sometimes holed with a hanger. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze, 34.9mm.


Centennial Od Dauphin County Harrisburg Firemans Day 1885 Medal

161) "Centennial Anniversary Of Portland, Maine". Interesting coat of arms with fanciful sea creatures. Found in bronze and white metal. Rare in white metal, sometimes holed. Very Rare in bronze. Bronze, 37.7mm.


Centennial Anniversary Portland Maine July 4 1786 1886 Medal

162) "Providence 250th Anniversary / 1636 June 23-24 1886". I found a white metal example of this piece in an old Bob Slawsky sale. It was described as looped as made. A 14 K gold one of these has sold at Stacks recently(2015). It had two loops with an attached "Mayor" pin bar. The example here is the only one that I have found in bronze. It shows no signs of having ever been looped. Extremely Rare in any metal. Bronze, 34mm.


Providence 250th Anniversary 1636 1886 What Cheer Medal

163) "1787 Centennial Anniversary Of The Incorporation Of York, PA. Sep. 24, 1887". The same coat of arms as #158 above and #165 below. Very Rare in white metal and usually holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze, 37.7mm.


Centennial Anniversary Incorporation York Pa. Sept. 1887 Medal

164) "Court House Erected 1883.", "1787. Centennial Of Huntingdon County Huntingdon, PA. September 20.21.22. 1887." Found in bronze and white metal. Rare in white metal, but most are holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze, 37.6mm.


Centennial of Huntingdon County 1887 Court House Erected Medal

165) "Centennial Anniversary Of Allegheny Co. PA. / Held Sep. 24-26 1888". Same coat of arms as #158 and #163 above. Rare in white metal and usually holed. Very Rare in bronze. Extremely Rare in brass. Bronze, 37.7mm.


Centennial Anniversary Allegheny 1888 Old Court House The New Medal

166) Centennial of Allegheny County Penna Sept 1888, showing new court house. Found in Bronze, Gilt and White metal. Rare to Very Rare in white metal and sometimes holed. Extremely Rare in bronze or gilt. White metal, 32.9mm(rounded up, essentially 33mm)


Centennial Allegheny County Penna 1888 New Court House Medal

166a) Centennial of Marietta, Ohio, 1888 showing old fort. General A. Saint Clair was the governor of the newly formed Northwest territories, established by Congress in 1877. J. B. Forester was the governor of Ohio 1886 to 1890. Very rare, Extremely rare unholed. White Metal, 35mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler

Marietta Ohio Saint Clair Foraker Stockade 1788 1888 Medal

167) "250th Anniversary Of The Settlement Of Taunton. Mass.". I have only located it in white metal. Listed in Rulau as Ma-Tn 5a. Very Rare and sometimes holed. White metal, 38mm.


Anniversary of the Settlement of Taunton, Mass. June 1889 Medal

168) "Centennial Anniversary Of Allegany Co. Md.". This piece is 35 mm in diameter. There is also a 38 mm size version of this piece that is almost exactly the same except for differences in the wreath. On the one shown here the wreath is narrower and slightly open at the top. The 38mm size version has a thicker wreath that is closed. The 35mm example shown here is the only one I have found in any metal. Extremely Rare, Bronze, 35mm.


Centennial Allegheny County Maryland Cumberland 1889 Medal

169) On December 18, 1889 the borough of Cambria officially joined the city of Johnstown to form the newly incorporated town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The catastrophic Johnstown flood occurred earlier that year on May 31st, killing 2,200 people. Very Rare, and I have only found it in bronze. It is sometimes found with a clamped on loop with hanger. Bronze, 37.7mm


Johnstown Pennsylvania 1889 First House by Joseph Johns Medal

170) "250th Anniversary Of The Settlement Of Haverhill Mass.". Very Rare in white metal, and often holed. Extremely Rare in bronze. Bronze, 37.7mm.


Haverhill 250th Anniversary of the Settlement Pentucket 1890 Medal

171) "City Of Easton Penna. / Old Court House" "100th Anniversary Of First Meeting Of Burgesses / 1790 May 5th. 1890". Similar to HK618. Can be found in white metal or bronze. Very Rare in white metal, and always? holed, Extremely Rare in bronze, 38mm.


City of Easton Penna 100th Anniversary First Burrgesses 1890 Medal

172) Commemorating the 100th year anniversary of cotton spinning in the United States at Pawtucket Rhode Island. It was at Pawtucket falls in 1793 that the first water powered cotton mill was built in the U.S. Found in white metal and bronze. Rare in both metals with the bronze pieces bordering on Very Rare. The majority of white metal pieces are holed. Rulau Paw 5, White metal, 37.6mm

Pawtucket Falls 100th Anniversary Cotton Spinning 1890 Slater Mill Medal

173) This medal commemorates the founding of Fort Hamilton, Ohio. "Copyrighted 1891 By Thomas Millikin" in small lettering below fort. Found in aluminum or gilt. Very Rare in gilt and never(?) holed. Rare in aluminum and all of the examples I have found were holed. Gilt brass, 35.2mm.

Old Fort Hamilton Centennial 1791 1891 Medal

174) "Sesqui-Centennial Bethlehem Pa.", Extremely Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal and usually holed with Washington pinbar and ribbon. Bronze, 38mm.


Bethlehem Pennsylvania Sesqi-Centennial 1742 1892

175) "Centennial Anniversary Of The Founding Of The City. Of Paterson Held July 3-5 1892". I have only found this piece in white metal. Paterson is sometimes misspelled "Patterson". Very Rare in white metal, but Extremely Rare unholed. White metal, 35.1mm.


Centennial of the Founding of City of Paterson New Jersey 1892 Medal

176) From the 1892 "Nebraska Silver Anniversary", Rare but holed maybe half the time. Aluminum, 37mm.


Nebraska Silver Anniversary Souvenir 1892 Lincoln Medal

177) Reverse of HK161. Portrait of Lincoln, From the 1892 "Nebraska Silver Anniversary". In tiny lettering: "Childs, Chicago.", Rare, and hardly ever holed. King461, Aluminum 37mm.


Nebraska Silver Anniversary Souvenir 1892 Aluminum Lincoln Medal

177a) Sharpsburg 1892 Semi-Centennial Celebration Souvenir. Rare, bordering on Very Rare. Found holed possibly half the time. They are usually found nicer than this example. White Metal, 37.8mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.


Sharpsburg 1892 Semi-Centennial Celebration Souvenir Medal

178) "Centennial Anniversary Of Lewiston 1795 Held July 4 1895". Very Rare in aluminum. Also found in bronze and Extremely Rare as such. Look at #183a below for the same obverse die. Aluminum, 37mm.


Centennial Anniversary Lewiston Maine July 4th 1895 Medal

179) "Centennial Anniversary Of Chillicothe, Ohio. 1796 Held July 20-23 1896", Rare, bordering on Very Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal. Bronze, 37.6mm.

Chillicothe Centennial Anniversary 1896 Nathaniel Massie Medal

180) "Semi-Centennial Of Blair Co. Pa. / Hollidaysburg June 11-12", "Soldiers Monument Blair County Pa.". Look below for another variety. Very Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal with at least half being holed. Bronze, 38mm.


Semi-Centennial Blair County Soldiers Monument Hollidaysburg 1896 Medal

180a) A second (look above) "Semi-Centennial Of Blair County Hollidaysburg Pa. June 11-12, 1896". Appears to be Extremely Rare in bronze. Very Rare in white metal with most holed. I have also seen one in Gilt that was holed. Bronze, 37.5mm.


Semi-Centennial Blair Hollidaysburg 1896 Medal

181) "Gen. Moses Cleveland / Founder", "Centennial Anniversary Of Cleveland Ohio", Very Rare in white metal, but Extremely Rare in unholed white metal. Extremely Rare in bronze. The only bronze example that I have found was from a 1983 Johnson & Jensen sale #25 lot 51. White metal, 37.6mm.

Centennial Anniversary Cleveland Ohio 1896 Moses Cleveland Medal

182) "Cleveland Centennial 1796 - 1896". I have found this piece in bronze, silver, aluminum and gilt. Very Scarce in all metals combined together. By itself, Rare in bronze. Very Rare in each of the other metals, but usually holed in bronze, gilt, and aluminum. I have not found a silver one that was holed. Silver, 33.5mm.


Cleveland Centennial Official Souvenir 1896 Medal

182a) Burlington, Iowa Semi-Centennial 1896. The reverse on ribbons reads "Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain", and "Official Medallion" around below. Rare in aluminum. Also occasionally found in rarer bronze. These are found with an as minted, small, short, holed top loop. The example shown here has no loop but the loop may have been removed, so these may never come un-looped. Occasionally found with a small ribbon through the loop. Aluminum, 38 mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Burlington Iowa Semi-Centennial Celebration Official Medallion 1896 Medal

182b) Huntingdon Borough Centennial 1796-1896 showing Standing Stone. Found in White Metal and Bronze. Very Rare in either metal. White Metal, 35mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

Huntingdon Borough Centennial 1796-1896 Standing Stone Medal

182c) Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of New London, Connecticut held May 1896. Have only seen in white metal. Extremely rare, White metal, 35mm. From the collection of Randy Dobler.

New London Connecticut 250th Anniversary May 1896 Medal

183) "Sesqui-Centennial Reading Penn....", On ribbon it reads: "Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit". Found in bronze and white metal. Rare in each metal with the white metal piece being found holed maybe half the time. Bronze, 41.8mm.

Sesqui-Centennial Reading Penna June 1898 Medal

183a) Centennial Anniversary Of The Incorporation Of Waterville Maine June 1902. Look at #178 above for the same obverse die. The reverse of this piece shows poor die workmanship. Notice how "Centennial Anniversary Of The" is in a different font from the rest of the inscription, and also, the last part of the inscription is crowded in, with lettering poorly placed. This is the only one I have seen. Extremely Rare. Aluminum, 37.6mm

Centennial Anniversary Of The Incorporation Of Waterville Maine 1902 Medal

183b) Centennial Anniversary of Canonsburg (Canonsburgh), Pennsylvania in 1902. Bronze, 33mm. Very Rare. Image courtesy Josef Traktovenko

Seal Of The Borough Of Canonsburg Pennsylvania Anniversary 1902 Medal

184) "J.P. McCaskey Mayor Fifty Years A Teacher", "Lan-castra Britannia / Lancaster Pennsylvania / 1730 / 1907". Very Scarce but leaning towards Rare. Never(?) holed. Bronze, 34mm.


Lancaster Pennsylvania 1907 1908 J.P McCaskey Mayor Medal

184a) 250th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Village Of Bergen New Jersey. "Dieges & Clust N.Y" below in tiny lettering. Unusual irregular edge with middle of edge perfectly round, and no sign of loop removal. Very Rare. Gilt, 35.5mm

250th Anniversary Bergen New Jersey Hudson County 1910 Medal

185) Early west coast town anniversary pieces are few and far between. From "Astoria, Oregon / 1811 / 1911", "Souvenir 100th Anniversary Of The First Settlement In The Pacific Northwest By The Astor Expedition". Found in brass(gilt?) and rarely holed. I found one in bronze that had two loops(Stephen Alpert sale #54 lot#1254). Rare bordering on Very Rare. Brass, 36.2mm.

Astoria Oregon 1911 Centennial Astor Expedition Medal

185a) Golden Anniversary of Wheeling, West Virginia, June 20, 1913. Strongly Very rare, Aluminum, 38mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Golden Jubilee Wheeling West Virginia June 1913 Medal

186) "Posey County State Centennial / Robert Dale Owen-Alvin P Hovey", In tiny lettering: "Robbins Co Attleboro". Rare. Silvered bronze, 38.1mm.


Posey County State Centennial Soldiers Sailors Monument 1916 Medal

187) "Spencer County Centennial / Lincoln Splitting Rails", Very Rare. Silverplated, 38.2mm.

Spencer County Centennial Rockport Indiana Lincoln Splitting 1916 Medal

188) Centennial of Greensburg Indiana 1816-1916. I have only found a few of these over the years. Not seen very often. Very Rare. Silverplated copper, 38mm.


Indiana Centennial Greensburg and Decatur County 1916 Medal

188a) Carroll County Centennial medal from 1916. A strong Very Rare, possibly Extremely Rare. Bronze, 38mm

Carroll County Centennial Charles Carroll Delphi 1816-1916 Medal

188b) Centennial of the construction of Fort Atkinson in 1819 at present day Fort Calhoun, just north of Omaha Nebraska. Occasionally found with original envelope. Very Scarce, Silverplated Copper, 35mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler

Centennial of Fort Atkinson Fort Calhoun 1819 1919 Medal

189) Commemorating "The 50th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Union Colony And The City Of Greeley". This agricultural cooperative was financed by Horace Greeley. Very Rare. Copper plated(?) and antiqued, 38.1mm

Anniversary Founding of Union Colony City of Greeley 1920 Medal

190) From the 1921 Missouri Centennial in Sedalia, Missouri. Rare, and rarely if ever found holed. Aluminum, 34.7mm.


Missouri Centennial 100th Anniversary Sedalia Missouri 1921 Medal

190a) Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the city of Fredericksburg, Texas, May 1921. The Vereins Kirche (Peoples Church) was the first public building in Fredericksburg, built in 1847. In German the reverse reads "Zur Erinnerung An Die 75 Jahrige Jubelfeier Der Grundung Der Stadt Friedrichsburg Mai, 1921". This and another one in holed white metal sold on eBay in December of 2016. The white metal piece also had "S. D. Childs & Co. Chicago" around below on the obverse. They are the only ones I have run across. Extremely Rare. Gilt brass.

Friedrichsburg Fredericksburg 1921 75th Anniversary Vereins Kirche Medal

191) From the centennial homecomming of Shullsburg, Wisconsin in 1927. Very Rare. Bronze, 37.7mm

Centennial Homecoming Shullsburg 1927 Wisconsin Medal

192) Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Jackson, Michigan, and the birthplace of the Republican party in 1854. "W. & H. Co." next to rim in tiny lettering. Comes with and without a fob loop. Un-fobbed examples are approx. Twice as thick as fobbed examples. Very Scarce, but Rare unfobbed. Bronze, 38.6mm.


Jackson Michigan Centennial Republican Party 1929 Under Oaks Medal

193) "250th Anniversary Of The Purchase Of The Town Of Bedford / 1680-1930", Very Rare. Bronze, 33.9mm.

Bedford New York 250th Anniversary of the Purchase of Town Medal

194) Same reverse as the previous piece, but showing the old Bedford court house. This medal is undated and I would not be listing it here if it was not for the fact that it has the same reverse as #193. By itself it looks like it could be a modern striking. This is the only one of these I have found. For now I am calling this piece Extremely Rare. Bronze, 34.1mm


Town of Bedford New York Court House Westchester County Medal

195) "Diamond Jubilee / St Cloud Minnesota 1856-1931", "John L Wilson", Very Rare. Some sort of white metal/pot metal, 33.4mm.

St. Cloud Minnesota Diamond Jubilee 1931 John Wilson Medal

196) "La Salle County / Centennial Ottawa 1831-1931". I have seen a fair number of these over the years. Scarce to Very Scarce. Antiqued bronze, 34.8mm.


La Salle County Centennial Ottawa 1831-1931 Medal

196a) 1932 Marathon County Homecoming/Washington Bi-Centennial. This piece is located within the store card section(page 291) of Rulau/Fuld. Placing it in chapter 30(page 221) would have probably been more appropriate. Baker777. Rare. Silver plated brass, 35mm.

Marathon Homecoming Washington Bi-Centennial Rib Mountain 1932 Medal

196b) Obverse very similar to HK-502, but unlike HK-502, this piece is dated. The 1932 date might suggest that HK-502 was made earlier than the 1949 time period that HK suggests. Perhaps HK-502 was made for the large 1922 Days of 49 celebration that was held in Sacramanto. Somewhat crudely made Copper plated lead, 38.3mm. Image courtesy of Jonathan Brecher.

Days Of Gold Fort Hall How Heinz Pocatello 1932 Medal

197) Commemorating the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Jean Nicolet in 1634. There were 35 of these with original cardboard inserts sold in a single Kurt Krueger sale in 1992. Very Scarce. Bronze, 37.3mm

Wisconsin Tercentennial Green Bay 1934 Jean Nicolet White Man Medal

198) In the same style as HK693, and the "City of Kenosha" piece below. You would think that all three varieties would be equally rare, but that is not what I have found. I have found the "Burlington" piece shown here to be rarer than the other two. "Greenduck Co. Chicago" around below. Unlisted in the 1st edition of HK, HK693b in the 2nd edition. Rare. Bronze, 37.3mm.


City of Burlington 100th Anniversary Souvenir 1835-1935 Medal

199) In the same style as HK693, but "Kenosha" instead of "Beloit". "Greenduck Co. Chicago". Unlisted in the 1st edition of HK, HK693a in the 2nd edition. I have seen a fair number of these on eBay over the years. Read about the "Burlington" piece above. Very Scarce. Bronze, 37.3mm.

City of Kenosha 100th Anniversary Souvenir 1835-1935 Medal

200) Commemorating the 1936 Texas Centennial. Similar to the souvenir medal below. The reverse design is a bit strange. I have seen it described as the Houston skyline, or a "skyline representing stacks of coins". Found in aluminum and copper. Rare in aluminum. Very Rare in copper. Copper, 38.1 mm.


Centennial Texas Souvenir 1936 Houston Medal

201) Commemorating the 1936 Texas Centennial. Unlike the piece above that is most commonly found in aluminum, I have found this one most commonly described as being made of nickel, copper nickel, or nickel plated. Rare in Nickel(plated?). Very Rare in copper. Copper, 38.2mm.

Centennial Texas Souvenir 1936 San Antonio Medal

201a) In commemoration of the centennial of Bridgeport Connecticut in 1936. There is also exists a looped medal with the same obverse, but with a blank reverse. Very Rare, Sterling Silver, 36mm. Image courtesy of Josef Traktovenko

Bridgeport Connecticut Centennial Celebration 1936 Appreciation Medal

202) "Toledo Centennial / 1837 1937". Found in gilt or what is usually described as silver plated copper. Combining both gilt and silver plate pieces together, Very Scarce. It might be somewhat rarer in silver plate than gilt. Gilt, 34.9mm.


Toledo Centennial 1837-1937 Old Fort Medal

203) "Silver Jubilee Palmerton, Pa.", "Incorporated Oct. 14, 1912". "Whitehead-Hoag" in tiny lettering next to rim. Very Rare, and occasionally found with a fob loop. White metal, 38.6mm.

Borough of Palmerton Silver Jubilee1937 October 1912 Medal

204) "100 Yrs.-Centennial 1838-Seguin, Texas-1938". I have seen a few of these on ebay. One side commemorates the 1838-1938 centennial of Sequin, Texas. The reverse seems to commemorate the bicentennial of the same, but that would put the bicentennial at 2038, many years from now. Also, the reverse has a rather modern look to it. Am I missing something here? It may have been minted in 1988 in which case it does not belong here. If 1988 was a bi-centennial, then that would make 1788 the original date, but I could not find any information about 1788 being a significant date for the town of Seguin. Rare, Bronze, 39.1mm.


Sequin Texas Centennial and Bicentennial of the Guadalupe Medal

204a) Roanoke County 100th Anniversary June 21-24, 1938. On mountains: "Fort Lewis McAfees’s Hanging Rock". Have seen it described as nickel(white metal?) gilt and bronze. Gilt. Barely makes so called dollar status at 32.7mm(rounded up, 33mm)

Roanoke County 100th Anniversary 1938 General Andrew Lewis Medal Token

205) Commemorating the 300th year anniversary of the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts in 1639 1939. This is the only one of these I have found. Blank reverse. Extremely Rare. Antiqued copper, 35mm.

Town of Yarmouth Tercentenary 1639-1939 Mattacheese Medal

206) "Pulaski County Centennial 1839-1939 August 14-19". I have found this piece described as gilt or bronze. Combining both together, Very Rare. Gilt, 38.2mm.


Pulaski County Centennial August 1939 Medal

207) 50th Anniversary of Newcastle, Wyoming, showing Cambria coal mine on the reverse. "Western Gateway To The Black Hills". Rare. Brass, 32.7mm

Newcastle Cambria Wyoming 50th Anniversary Coal Mine 1939 Medal

208) Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Cleveland County, North Carolina. Kings Mountain Battle Monument on the reverse. August 1940. Rare. Bronze, 32.6mm(barely makes so called dollar size)


Cleveland County North Carolina 1940 Kings Mountain Monument Medal

208a) Tercentennial of Braintree, Massachusetts 1640 – 1940. Showing busts of General Sylvanus Thayer, John Adams, and John Hancock. Very Rare. Yellow Bronze, 35 X 28mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler

Braintree Tercentennial Thayer Adams Hancock 1640 1940 Medal

209) "The One Hundredth Anniversary Of Township Of Hamilton". Rare. Bronze, 37.8mm.

Hundredth Anniversary Hamilton New Jersey Mercer County 1942 Medal

209a) A duel celebration medal. The obverse commemorates the June 1949 Golden Jubilee in Truman, Minnesota. The reverse celebrates the July 1949 Minnesota Territorial Centennial and Martin County Celebration in Fairmont, Minnesota. "President Harry S. Truman" around below bust in small lettering. Very Rare. Bronze. 38.2mm

Truman Minnesota Jubilee Territorial Martin County Fairmont 1949 Medal

209b) A very plain commemorative from the 1949 Altoona, Pennsylvania Centennial celebration. No sign of loop removal. Very Rare, Plated copper, 43mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler.


210) "Semicentennial Celebration / Gideon, Missouri / W.P. Anderson Founder". Very Rare. Copper, 33.4mm


Semicentennial Celebration Gideon Missouri Bootheel 1900-1950 Medal

211) 1950 "Kansas City Centennial". Commemorates the opening of the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, and the stage production of "Thrills Of A Century". This is a hair splitting medal as far as so called dollar inclusion goes. The obverse is obviously a so called dollar. The reverse is maybe questionable, but I decided to include it anyway. I exclude any "Award" medal, and usually exclude any presentation medal, participation medal, appreciation medal or service medal if the medal appears to have been made for the sole purpose of giving it to a person for some sort of individual personal accomplishment, especially if there is a place for engraving. The piece shown here has no place for engraving a name and does not use the word "award", but does have the words "presentation", "participation", and "service". Award medals are almost always easy to exclude as so called dollars, but others occasionally not so easy. The authors of HK included both HK-901 and HK-910, both of which are military Service/Participation/Appreciation medals, but in a sense are not really Award medals. So called dollar collectors definitely exclude all military Award and athletic Award medals, and in spite of HK-901 and HK-910, also usually exclude all military and athletic Presentation/Participation/Appreciation/Service medals whether or not there is a place for engraving. Anyway, this is obviously a bit of a gray area. Very Rare. Brass, 38.2mm.

Kansas City Centennial Thrills of a Century 1950 Starlight Theatre Medal

212) Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Detroit. "Gave To Make Detroit Great / My Piece Of 8" On reverse "Detroit 1701 - 1951. Rare. Nickel Silver, 38.2mm


Detroit 1701-1951 My Piece of 8 Make Detroit Great Medal

212a) Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of gold by Felix Pedro in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1902, approximately the same time that the town of Fairbanks was first established. Issued by the Pioneers Of Alaska fraternal organization. Very Rare. Aluminum gold wash, 36mm. Image courtesy of Robert Jesinger.

Felix Pedro Fairbanks Gold Fields 1902 1952 Pioneers of Alaska medal

213) "Fulton County Centennial 1854-1954". A small so called dollar, just a shade under 33mm in diameter. Rare. Brass, 32.9mm

Fulton County Centennial 1854-1954 Robert Fulton Clermont Medal

214) "Jefferson County Sesqui Centennial / Watertown, N.Y.", I have not run across very many of these. Rare. Bronze, 38.2mm.


Watertown New York Sesquicentennial 1955 Jefferson County Medal

214a) Texas Heritage Foundation medal commemorating the 120th Anniversary of the Republic of Texas. A National Commemorative medal, US Mint. Turner B1. Dean D1956-1a, Swogger 401. Evidently 2,000 struck. Rare, Bronze, 33mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

 Republic Texas Declaration Independence 120th Anniversary Heritage Medal

215) From Newton Iowa, "100 Years Of Continuous Growth And Leadership", I see this piece on ebay with some frequency. Scarce. Brass, 38.2mm.

Newton Iowa Centennial Year 1957 Growth and Leadership Medal

216) "Minnesota Centennial", "Iron Nickel Virginia, Minn.". I have seen quite a few of these over the years. The obverse is found combined with a number of other considerably rarer reverses. Common. Aluminum, 33.8mm.


Minnesota Centennial 1858 1958 Iron Nickel Virginia Medal

217) "Minnesota Centennial", "Twin City Federal Savings And Loan", Same obverse as HK519. Rare but usually holed. Very Rare unholed. Brass, 33.8mm.

Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Minnesota Centennial 1958 Medal

217a) 75th Anniversary of Fosston, Minnesota with same obverse as HK-519, Very Rare. Brass, 33.8mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler

Fosston Minnesota Centennial 1858 1958 75th Year Medal

217b) A cast double sided Rush To The Rockies Centennial medal. It appears to come with or without a loop. I own one of these that is looped and with a reeded edge, with the reeded edge showing an obvious line running circumferentially around it's middle which would indicate a casting. Being that the edge is reeded, one would assume that there may be an original die struck piece, at least one sided, but I have never seen one as such. It is very similar to HK544, but different. Very Rare. Oxidized bronze, 38mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler

Rush To The Rockies Colorado Centennial 1959 Medal

218) Abraham Lincoln was born on a farm near Hodgenville Kentucky. Found in silver and gold. In February 2007 Heritage Auctions sold one in gold. Very Rare in silver. Extremely Rare in gold. Silver, 36.1mm.


Hodgenville Kentucky 150th Anniversary 1959 Abraham Lincoln Medal

219) "Lord Francis Fauquier H. M. Lt. Governor Of Virginia". I have seen very few of these. Very Rare. Antiqued copper, 33.9mm.

Governor Lord Francis Fauquier County Bicentennial 1859 Medal

220) "Statehood Year Souvenir Coin", "Good For $1.00 In Trade...", From Hawaii's 1959 statehood. Relatively common, but maybe somewhat rarer than it's Alaska counterpart(see below). A variety has the word "Oahu" misspelled "Ohau", but does not appear to me to be much if any rarer than the correctly spelled piece. Scarce. Brass, 38.8mm.


State of Hawaii 1959 50th State Good For $1.00 Trade Token

220a) Hawaii souvenir dollar from 1959. Very Scarce, Nickel, 37.6mm

1959 Hawaii King Kamehameha State Of Hawaii Iolani Palace Medal

221) "Alaska The 49th State 1959", "Good For $1.00 In Trade All Year During.....", Quite common. Personally I believe "good for" tokens can be given so called dollar status as long as they commemorate events that have a broad "public" signifigance. Common. Brass, 38.8mm.

State of Alaska 1959 49th State Good For $1.00 Trade Token

221a) Like HK-585 but with a different obverse. "Marysville Kansas July 19th-22nd 1960" and "Home Pony Express Station" within small circle. NGC has included this piece as HK-585a. Considerably rarer than HK-585. Very Rare, 34mm. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.

Pony Express Centennial Marysville Kansas St. Joseph 1860 1960 Medal


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