Political campaign tokens and medals were excluded from HK, and for the most part are considered to be separate and distinct from so called dollars. Most had already been cataloged by Doyle J. Dewitt and Edmond B. Sullivan prior to the publication of HK in 1962.


; Obverse like HK174. Reverse "Republican Presidential Nominees"

Christopher Columbus America Republican presidential nominees medal

Same obverse as HK897. "For County treasurer Wm.F Broast 1919 Lynnville, PA"

World War One Peace William Brobst Lynnville Pennsylvania medal

George McClellan campaign token with the same reverse as HK-11a. Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

George McClellan Campaign token

Political campaign token of William Henry Harrison that uses the obverse die of HK-114. DeWitt WHH-G, silver 34mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin. For other Robert Lovett Jr campaign pieces go Here

Lovett William Henry Harrison Tippecanoe Campaign token

From the National Republican Convention held in Philadelphia June 1900. Obverse shows Lincoln, Grant, and McKinnley in profile. White metal, 38.0 mm

National Republican Convention Philadelphia June 1900 Medal


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