Personal Medals That Are Of So Called Dollar Size

The first five medals shown here are personal family medals. As type pieces they are few in number. The Warner/Wilder piece might be the most so called dollar-ish because it also commemorates the 100th year of American independence. Baker 641 is also similar.

The last six medals commemorate people of local and perhaps regional significance that in my view may not have had wide enough national recognition to be placed within my FAMOUS PERFORMERS AND OTHER PUBLIC PEOPLE section, but such decisions are sometimes questionable. HK's Section C (HK756-HK776), although untitled, appears to be HK's famous Americans section, but there is poor guidance. Most of the people commemorated in Section C are associated with a monument or statue dedication. Only the Mark Twain piece with it's blank reverse commemorates a famous person and nothing else.

Medal 50th Anniversary of Daniel Warner Betsy Wilder 1876 Centennial

Daniel L. Warner and Betsy Wilder 1876. Found in copper and white metal. Probably a Lovett medal. Note clasped hands are very similar to Baker 425(my #18). 34 mm, White Metal

Reunion Home 1908 Wellstone Ohio Lydia Scothorn medal

Wm J. and Lydia Scothorn 1908. The condition is marginal, but it is the only one I have seen. 38 mm, Aluminum

Bicentennial Maris family reunion George Maris medal

Marris Family, 37.8 mm, Bronze

John Sharpless Rock Centennial 1882 Family medal

John Sharpless Rock family bi-centennial, 1882. Found in white metal and bronze. CLICK HERE for Sharpless family history. 37 mm, Bronze. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher.

Richard Sears Family Boston Descended From Pilgrim Paris medal

Sears Family, Boston, Paris Mint with hand Cuivre on edge. Signed "H. De Longueil" at bottom obverse; 41.1 mm, Bronze. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher

Fiftieth Anniversary M Richard Muckle Philadelphia Public Ledger medal

Mark Richards Muckle, 38.2 mm, Bronze

30th Anniversary Management New York City Tony Pastor medal

Tony Pastor, 39.7 mm, White Metal

Thomas Arthur Doyle Mayor of Providence Died In Office 1886 Medal

Thomas Arthur Doyle, three time mayor of providence, R.I. 43mm, Bronze. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.

John B. Ford Pioneer Birthday Plate Glass YMCA Tarentum PA 1901 Medal

Ninetieth Birthday 1811-1901 commemorative of John B. Ford Pioneer Plate Glass Manufacturer of America, Tarentum, Pennsylvania, showing his gift of YMCA building and library on the reverse. Aluminum, 37.8mm

Memory Michael Galvin 1833 1936. Chicago Truck Drivers Chauffeurs Union Medal

In Memory Of Michael J. Galvin 1833 1936. Chicago Truck Drivers And Chauffeurs Union Local 705. Bronze, 37.5mm

Louis Schoenfeld 1840 1910 Medal

Louis Schoenfeld founded the Standard Furniture Company in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1864. He moved his business to Seattle in 1887. Bronze, 36mm. Image courtesy Randy Dobler


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