Religious So Called Dollar Size Medals

Religious and church medals such as these were generally not included in HK

Y.P.S.C.E. 1895 Old South Faith Hope Charity church medal

36.9 mm, Aluminum

Zion Church Baltimore Maryland 1755 1905 medal

38.3 mm, Bronze

Green Street Church girl praying H Key SC medal

38 mm, Bronze

Jubilee 1874 All Saints Church New York Semi Centennial medal

39.8 mm, Bronze

Dedication Evluth Concordia Seminary 1926 medal

38.0 mm, Bronze

Golden Jubilee Archbishop William Henry Elder medal 1848-1896

The Golden Jubilee of Archbishop William Henry Elder. 38.4 mm, Gilt

Medal commemorating first synod Lancaster Pennsylvania in 1793

37.7 mm, Bronze

1869 consecration Abram Newark Littlejohn Diocese of Long Island medal

44.8 mm, White metal

Grace Church 1897 Jersey City Rectors Semi Centennial medal

38mm, White Metal. Image courtesy Randy Dobler

Matthew Simpson 1885 Methodist Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia medal

45mm, White Metal. Image courtesy Randy Dobler

William Otterbein Sabbath School Centenary Offering 1874 Medal

41.9mm, Silver plated White Metal

Russell H. Conwell Baptist Temple Philadelphia 1900 Medal

White Metal, 38 mm. Image courtesy Jonathan Brecher


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