Award Medals And The Like

Most collectors would agree that award medals and the like are a separate collectible category from so-called dollars. That being said, it is also true that the predecessors of the larger fairs and expos were the smaller, often forgotten, mostly agricultural fairs. Award medals are often the only numismatic remnants from these early fairs. The first two medals shown below are good examples.

Northern Ohio Fair Association 1872 engraved award medal

Engraved and awarded for second best sow with litter of pigs under six months, 1872. 39.8 mm, Silver

New Jersey State Agricultural Society Award 1873 medal

New Jersey State Agricultural Society, Awarded to "E. P.Moore Newark For Architectural Drawings 1873", signed "G. H. Lovett", Silver, 34.75mm

Agricultural & Industrial Society of Delaware County Julian US Mint medal

Engraved and awarded to McLear & Kendall for Rockaway Wagon 1879. US mint Julian AM-15. 38.2 mm, Bronze

Horticultural Society New York award medal 1902

Engraved and awarded to Chas. H. Totty Co. Special Prize Vase of Rose Madame Butterfly Oct. 30, 1919. 37.2 mm, Silver Plate

Inter State Hay Palace Momence Illinois award medal

Interstate Hay Palace Momence, Illinois. Unengraved. 34.3 mm, Silver

Spring Garden Institute Philadelphia award medal Charles Barber

Spring Garden Institute Philadelphia. By Charles Barber. Unengraved. 40.8 mm, Bronze

San Antonio Texas International Exposition 1900 award medal

Award medal from the 1900 San Antonio International Exposition First Award of merit. 44.0 mm, Bronze

1926 Sesquicentennial International Expo Philadelphia Westinghouse Medal

This and the following example are not award medals made for engraving, but they do have the word "award" in their inscriptions. The word "Award" does not appear on any so called dollar in HK. Sesquicentennial International Exposition Philadelphia 1926. Very similar to HK458. 37.8 mm, Gilt

Trans-Mississippi Expo 1898 Omaha Standard Sewing Machine medal

From the 1898 Trans-Mississippi And International Exposition. A medal commemorating the awarding of medals. A sort of meta award medal. 37.3 mm, Gilt

Trans-Mississippi Expo 1898 medal

Different die from the one above and without date. Commemorating a gold medal awarded to the Stoughton Wagon Company. 37.3 mm, Gilt

Frederick Innes Childrens Festival chorus participation medal

Frederick Innes participation medal August 31, 1897. A space for engraving on the reverse, similar to an award medal. 38.2 mm, Aluminum

Pardee Dam and Spillway 1929 service medal Atkinson Construction

An engraved service medal that commemorates the Pardee Dam completion July 1927 June 1929. 37.3 mm, Silver


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