This grouping is sort of akin to Julian's section of personal medals pages 199-226, but besides the size restrictions, I have only included pieces commemorating famous people who had wide national recognition. Also, nothing minted prior to 1826(HK-1). Thus PE-15 and PE-30 would not be included. PE-1 would be a close call, but I probably would not include it either. I am a little looser in this grouping when it comes to individual performers, but even these people have to have had some sort of national recognition. Prior to the great fairs and expositions, American entertainment involving individual performers took on great importance.


305) Issued in 1834 to commemorate the great Shakespearean actor Edwin Forrest. In 1849, at least two dozen people died in a riot between theater goers over who was the better actor, himself or the English actor William Macready. During the early 19th century, theater performances were an important form of entertainment, with the most famous of actors being highly revered. Very Rare bordering on Extremely Rare in silver, with one gold medal that was presented to the actor. Silver, 42.8mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Edwin Eduino Forest Great In Mouths Of Wisest Censure 1834 Medal

306) Commemorating Jenny Lind's first performance at Castle Garden, New York City September 1850. With great anticipation, she was met by 30,000 people upon her New York arrival. Found in white metal and copper, with perhaps the copper one being somewhat rarer. The white metal pieces are occasionally found holed. Combining both metals together, Very Rare. White metal, 42.3mm. Image Courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries


Jenny Lind Castle Garden First Concert In America September 1850

307) 1852 Henry Clay. There are of course a number of Henry Clay political medals/tokens. This one is a memorial following his death. Clay was an unsuccessful candidate for president three times, in 1824, 1832, and 1844. Rare in white metal. Extremely Rare in silver. White metal, 43.3mm. Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

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Henry Clay Every End He Aimed At Was His Countrys Medal

307a) Another memorial medal following the death of Henry Clay. By George Lovett. Found in copper, white metal, brass, silver and maybe nickel. Very Rare in copper, white metal or brass. Extremely Rare in silver. 34mm. Image courtesy of Dave Baldwin at Lovett Tokens and Medals.

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Henry Clay The Constitution The Union And Protection Home Industry Medal

308) "Thomas Sayers, The Champion Of England" Unlisted in HKs first edition, HK10b in the second edition. In tiny lettering: "F. B. Smith & Hartman N. Y.". "The Great International Prize Fight Between Heenan & Say....". Possibly rarer than it's Heenan counterpart. Very Rare. Copper, 34mm.

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Thomas Sayers Champion of England 1860 Prize Fight Medal

309) This token commemorates the crossing of Niagra Falls by Charles Blondin(born Jean Francois Gravelet) in the presence of the Prince of Wales Sept 14, 1860. Struck by J.W. Moore of Birmingham, England. Blondin was an amazing daredevil, crossing the falls many times, once blindfolded, another time on stilts. Found in white metal, but I found one described as being made of lead(Kurt Krueger sale #43 lot#1056). Rare bordering on Very Rare(maybe it is more common in England). White metal, 34.7mm


Charles Blondin Daredevil The Hero Of Niagra 1860 Medal

310) "Robert Fulton", from "Alfred S. Robinson's Historical Series No 2". Number 1 in this series is HK133. Minted sometime in the 1860s. Found in white metal, copper, brass and silver. Rare in bronze. Very Rare in either white metal or brass. Extremely Rare in silver(Heritage Auctions Sept. 16, 2006 lot#6860). Rulau Ct-Ha 19. Brass, 34.8mm(Rulau's description of 41mm is in error)


Robert Fulton Steam Navigation On The Hudson River Medal

311) From the Middleweight Championship of the World held in Crescent City(New Orleans) March 8th, 1893. Bob Fitzsimmons successfully defended his title by knocking out Jim Hall in the 4th round. This is the only unlisted so called dollar boxing medal that I am aware of that squarely fits within HKs criteria (those listed in HK are #9, #10a, #272, #276, #277). See "The Numismatist" June 2015 for an article on other boxing medals and tokens by David Schenkman. Very Rare. Aluminum, 37.2mm.

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Bob Fitzsimmons Jim Hall Crescent City Athletic Club 1893 Boxing Medal

312) Commemorative of a Shakespearean revival held at "Fords Grand Opera House" in Baltimore in 1894. Creston Clark was the nephew of the late Edwin Booth. Edwin Booth is sometimes considered to be the greatest American actor of the 19th century. In a strange and twisted coincidence, his brother John Wilkes Booth shot president Lincoln. Rare in white metal. Very Rare in bronze. Rulau Bal 25. White metal, 37.9mm.

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Edwin Booth Creston Clark Shakespeare Fords Opera Baltimore Medal

313) This token was sold by John Krohn(Colonial Jack) for 10 cents each as he walked around the United States pushing his "Sphinx". There is an article about him and his journeys in the January 2008 edition of "The Numismatist". Very Scarce. Rare bordering on Very Rare unholed. Aluminum, 38.1mm.

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Colonial Jack John Krohn Walking And Pushing Sphinx Around US Medal

314) A Thomas Elder medal that should have been included in HK. According to Thomas DeLorey, found in silver, German silver, aluminum, copper, and brass. The piece shown here is from Heritage Auctions February 2008 and was described as bronze. Rare bordering on Very Rare in Aluminum. Extremely Rare in the other metals. DeLorey #15, 38.1mm. Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions


Robert Perry To The North Pole Thomas Elder 1909 Medal

315) On August 17, 1927 Charles Lindbergh landed his Spirit of St Louis in Kansas City and dedicated New Richards Field(later renamed Kansas City Municipal Airport). His famous solo transatlantic flight occurred earlier that same year. Very Rare. Yellow bronze, 37.8mm


Charles Lindbergh Airport Dedication Kansas City 1927 Medal

316) Unlisted in HKs first edition, but listed in the second edition as HK506a. Issued by the American Commemorative society as was HK506. "Telephone Diamond Jubilee / Alexander Graham Bell 1847 - 1922". Rare. Bronze, 38.2mm.

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Alexander Graham Bell Telephone Diamond Jubilee 1951 Medal

317) Obverse the same as HK773 and HK774 but with a different reverse. "Washington And Lee University". In tiny lettering around below: "Robbins Co Attleboro". I have found this piece to have the same rarity as HK773, with HK774 being the most common of the three. Rare. Bronze, 35mm.

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Robert Edward Lee President of Washington and Lee University Medal


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