Click on the links below to view so called dollars that were not listed in the original 1962 edition of Hibler and Kappen's book(HK). A few of the pieces can be found in the updated second edition published in 2008. A few more are listed in "United States Tokens 1700 - 1900" by Russell Rulau. Most of the Washington pieces are listed in "Medallic Portraits of Washington 2nd edition" by Rulau and Fuld. All of the pieces listed were minted prior to January 1st 1960, are unholed and unlooped, and show no signs of loops having been removed. For inclusion they must measure no less than 32.6 mm (rounded up, 33 mm), and no more than 44.4 mm(rounded down, 44 mm). Next to each piece I have included a small amount of information, including diameters and my best GUESS as to rarity(which I could change as time passes). I used the same rarity descriptions that were used in the first edition of HK: COMMON, SCARCE, VERY SCARCE, RARE, VERY RARE, EXTREMELY RARE. I did not include any "off metal" unlisted pieces(HK 1 in Copper for instance). Included are unlisted die pairings and completely unlisted types as follows:

  1. both sides exist in the 1962 edition of HK but on different HK numbers (the reverse of HK42 combined with the reverse of HK46 for example).
  2. one side exists in the 1962 edition, but the other side does not.
  3. neither side exists anywhere in the 1962 edition.

After excluding a number of different categories that were generally not included in HK(advertising pieces, award medals for instance), my basic interpretation of the book suggests that one or both sides of the piece should commemorate something that was probably of "public" interest, usually an event or location. Click here for an explanation of included fraternal medals.

So called dollars can be grouped in a number of different ways. The groups that I came up with seemed to work well for me with what I had. A few of the pieces could just as easily have been placed in one group as another. All pieces are numbered.


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