UNLISTED SO CALLED DOLLARS: Below are groupings of over 400 So Called Dollars that are not in "HK". Included are unlisted die pairings and completely unlisted pieces. There are no "off metal" unlisted pieces(HK 1 in Copper for instance). Except for a grouping of a few modern so called dollars, all were minted prior to January 1st 1960. They are not holed or looped, and show no signs of loop removal. For inclusion they had to measure no less than 32.6 mm (rounded up, 33 mm), and no more than 44.4 mm(rounded down, 44 mm). I used the same six rarity descriptions that were used in the first edition of HK: COMMON, SCARCE, VERY SCARCE, RARE, VERY RARE, EXTREMELY RARE. Eventually I may change over to the Fuld Rarity scale used in the second edition of HK, but for now I decided to keep the old scale. There is also a SEARCH page using inscriptions.

After excluding a number of different types generally not found in HK(commercial advertising pieces, award medals etc.), my basic interpretation of the book suggests that one or both sides of the piece should commemorate something that was probably of "public" interest. CLICK HERE for an explanation of included fraternal medals.

Unlisted So Called Dollar Groupings

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