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Offers considered, especially if you buy more than one. Ten Day return privilege, you pay return priority mail postage. If you want, I can also do lay-away payment plans up to 6 months. Checks must clear.

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HK9 NGC MS-63. From the 1860 Heenan Sayers Boxing bout, considered to be boxing’s first world championship match. Chocolate brown surfaces.


HK10b NGC MS-63. Matching piece to the 1860 Heenan Sayers Boxing bout. Nice even brown toning. From the Bill Weber auction held in Reno, Nevada, December 2008.


Unlisted HK NGC MS-64 Brown. Small portrait variety of HK109. These small portrait varieties are rarer than their HK counterparts. They also do not exist in white metal.


HK119a NGC MS-65 Brown. Battle of Saratoga circa 1877. Original brown patina with a slight reddish area in the center field that is barely noticeable under normal lighting. NGC has graded 8 of these, three in MS-65(of which this is one), and one higher in MS-67.


HK125 NGC MS-66 Prooflike. One of the few pieces graded this high by NGC. Attractive white metal.


Baker-A1810A NGC MS-64 Brown. Unlisted in Baker in bronze and quite rare as such. In white metal it is more common and usually found holed. Dies by George Morgan of the U.S. mint.


HK172 NGC AU-55. Rarer than HK171 and HK173. Nice collectible grade.


HK 218 NGC MS-64 Deep Mirror Proof-like. This is one of three of these designated as Deep Mirror Proof-like. Highly reflective. The dies are somewhat rotated.


HK299 NGC MS-63. Nice bright unc. Die polish marks noted above and to the right of Jeffersons head. Official U.S. mint medal from the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair.


HK 305 NGC MS-63. The round variety is hard to find in this condition. A decent example with partial luster.


HK 325 NGC MS-65. NGC census shows 55 total with 6 graded MS-65 and none higher.


HK 331a NGC MS-63 PL. NGC census shows only one graded higher than this one.


HK352a NGC MS61 PL. Harder to locate than the other varieties. NGC has graded only 5 of these, three in MS and two in MS proof like.


HK357 NGC MS-62 with FOB. As struck. The MS-62 grade seems bit low to me.


HK358 NGC MS-62.


HK 487a NGC MS-63. Silver Charbneau Dollar. In June 2013 Heritage sold an NGC AU-58 one of these for $1400. In July 2015 Stacks sold an un-slabbed one described as choice AU for $440.….go figure. The one for sale here is from the 2008 Bill Weber auction still in the same slab from the auction.


HK 517 NGC MS-66: NGC shows seventeen of these in their census. This is one of three highest graded.


HK 582 NGC MS-67. NGC census shows only two graded higher in MS-68. There are some die polish lines on the fields, typical of this piece.


HK 591 NGC MS-63 Proof-like. Of five graded by NGC, this is the highest, and only one of two graded proof-like.


HK 652 NGC MS-65. You may never find a nicer looking one of these. Looks silver plate, and not listed in HK as such. I suppose it could be HK653 in nickel, but nickel does not tone that way. Definitely looks silver plate. Attractive with some brownish toning and some peripheral blue.


HK667 NGC MS-64. A couple of small dark spots probably keep this piece from a higher grade. Designed by Daniel Chester French.


Unlisted HK, NGC MS-64 Brown. 44.5mm. Rulau Phl 45. I do not know why this did not get a higher grade. Nice chocolate brown. No high point rub. Very nice. I have seen a number of these over the years, so not terribly rare, but not common either. Attractive design. Excellent workmanship. The same exposition as HK644.


HK 812b NGC MS-63 DPL. Extremely rare Thomas Elder so called dollar. Delorey 61. Mintage of five which is probably accurate. There is no question that this is HK812b(brass). When I purchased this piece it had been lacquered. I recently had NCS remove the lacquer prior to encapsulating. For the sake of accuracy, there is a very short 1 1/2mm wormy-like depression/flaw on the blank side of this piece that does not show up very well in my photo. It looks to me as if it might have been caused by a tiny piece of debris at the time of striking. There is some exceedingly light hair lining here and there, but only barely noticeable under magnification. A grade of MS-64 would not have been unreasonable. Highly reflective surfaces.


Days of 49 Blunt 4 Imitation Slug, NGC MS-65. This is the rarer blunt 4 variety in high grade. From the 2008 Bill Weber auction. Attractive. Hard to find this nice.


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