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The medals below commemorate various men's organizations, usually fraternal, including Grand Army of the Republic encampment medals. HK includes six similar types: HK593(quasi-military), HK874(mostly political), HK908-HK909(political/fraternal), and HK37 and HK46 which both have fraternal themes on one side only. Why the authors of HK included these six medals but no others is a bit of a mystery to me. Fraternal medals are not mentioned in the book's introduction.

Also included here are one YMCA medal, two militia medals near the bottom, and at the bottom, 2 Boy Scout jamboree/round-up tokens. The authors of HK included the Boy Scout 50 year anniversary medal(HK577), but no Jamboree medals.

Fraternal medals usually commemorated events that were exclusive to their respective organizations. Although some of the larger GAR events may have been an exception, the majority were not open to the general public. From that standpoint, such pieces may be a bit on the fringes of traditional so called dollar collecting. Another reason for their exclusion is that many fraternal commemoratives were made in the form of a badge or fob. Never the less, those that are so called dollar-like are often rare and well executed, and their sometimes arcane and unusual designs can make them interesting.

Milwaukee Wisconsin 1889 23rd Annual Encampment GAR Medal


1889 Triennial Conclave Washington DC City Mexico Club medal

37.9 mm, Bronze

24th Triennial Conclave Knights Templar United States Capitol

37.8 mm, Bronze

Philanthropic Lodge Marblehead Massachusetts 1890 Mason Medal


Dedication of the Odd Fellows Temple Philadelphia 1895 Medal


Silver Jubilee February 1903 Grand Rapids 1878 Clinton Consistory Medal


Hiram Lodge Arlington Massachusetts 1797 1897 Mason Medal

40.8 mm, Bronze

Baker N-297 Washington Lodge of A.F. & A.M. Centenary 1896 Medal


YMCA The field is the world medal

35.5 mm, Aluminum

B. F. Stephenson Founder Grand Army of the Republic Decatur 1891 Medal


Improved Order Of Red Men G. S. D. 405 Totemic Bond Medal


Odd Fellows Home Connecticut Purchased Opened Dedicated medal

39.7 mm, Aluminum

General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Centennial Baltimore 1897 medal

41.9 mm, Bronze

Camp Winfield Grand Army Of The Republic 1887 medal

35.2 mm, White Metal

Reunion of the Army of the Tennessee Detroit 1887 medal


Landmark Lodge Semi Centennial Anniversary A.L. 5850 medal

37.9 mm, Bronze

Improved Order Red Men Grand Council Milwaukee Bay Cream City medal

38.5 mm, Bronze

Dedication Monuments 1886 Gettysburg Grand Army Republic medal

37.9 mm, White Metal

Odd Fellows Home New Jersey 1885 1888 medal

37.9 mm, White Metal

Washington DC Grand Army Republic Encampment 1902 medal

37.9 mm, White Metal

6th Annual Meeting General Masonic Relief Association 1891 medal

37.8 mm, White Metal

Green Dragon Tavern First Meeting Grand Royal Arch Masons 1798 medal

40.9 mm, Bronze

Bay City Masonic Temple Destroyed by fire Copper salvage medal 1893 1903

33.3 mm, Bronze

Fraternal Order Eagles Kansas City Aerie 1898 1904 Souvenir medal

38.4 mm, Aluminum

St Andrews Royal Arch Masons Boston 125th Anniversary 1769 1894 medal

37.3 mm, Bronze

Semi Centennial Saginaw Michigan Lodge Masonic Temple medal

40.0 mm, Gilt

BPO Elks One Buck Grand Lodge Los Angeles 1915 Bear medal

38.4 mm, Copper

Fiftieth Anniversary Troy New York Citizens Corps September 1885

Militia medal, 1885 Troy New York Citizens Corp, 36mm, White Metal. Image courtesy of Randy Dobler.

 1638 Baltimore October 1896 Ancient And Honorable Artillery Massachusetts Medal

Militia medal, October 1896 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co Massachusetts, 34mm, Aluminum

Sons Of The American Revolution National Convention April 1902 Medal


41st GAR Encampment Soldiers Sailors Monument Easton Pennsylvania Medal


Grand Lodge Iowa Library Building Corner Stone 1884 medal

35 mm, Bronze

Annual Conclave Knights Templar May 1887 In Hoc Signo Vinces Medal


Chicago Cantonment August 1890 IOOF Souvenir Medal

White Metal

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Oriental Consistory Chicago 1801 1901 medal

38.6 mm, Bronze

Denver August 1892 Twenty Fifth Triennial Conclave Knights Templar Medal


Boy Scouts National Jamboree Valley Forge Hallowed Ground 1950 medal

36.7 mm, Gilt

Boy Scouts America Centennial Roundup Cleveland 1957 medal

36.5 mm, Gilt


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