The nine examples shown here have both strong American and foreign connections.

The first example is a variety of HK8. The next four examples were inscribed in a foreign language and commemorate foreign events/people that were celebrated in the United States. The two after that are associated with events that took place in foreign countries. The next example is a French medal that pays tribute to the United States on it's 100th Anniversary. Last is an American mining company operating in Norway.


HK8 with a different reverse. Like HK8, it is a British medal, and should not have been included in HK, although I wonder if HK8 might have been distributed in the U.S. as some sort of promotion, as it is common compared to other varieties of this piece using the same obverse - and there are quite a few others(Look at "Coincrafts Catalogue Of Crystal Palace Medals And Tokens 1851 - 1936" by Leslie Lewis Allen). Like HK8, the piece shown here commemorates the 2nd London Crystal Palace, built at Sydenham - a permanent structure built in 1854, burned down in 1936. The 1st Crystal Palace was an impressive, but somewhat smaller structure built in 1851 for the "The Great Exposition" held at Hyde Park, 8 miles NW of where the Sydenham Crystal Palace was later built. In 1862 there was a second London Worlds Fair at Kensington, just south of Hyde Park. It's main structure was not a crystal palace, although it had a large glass dome. Like the 1st Crystal Palace, it was torn down shortly after the fair ended. This variety is Very Rare(Designated RRR in Leslie Lewis Allens book). White Metal, 41.5mm

Crystal Palace London Sydenham designed Joseph Paxton 1854 medal

Commemorating 100 years of the Polish constitution, the 3rd of May 1791. Pittsburgh, PA 1891; Silver 37.8mm

1891 Polish Constitution 1791 1891 Pittsburgh Rocznicy Konstytucyi medal

Commemorates the peace celebration of 1871 held in New York, marking the end of the Franco Prussian War. White Metal, 38.2mm

End Franco Prussian War Celebration New York 1871 medal

1880 celebration of the 50 year anniversary of Belgium independence held in New York; Pewter, 41.6mm

50 year anniv. celebration of Belgium independence New York 1880 medal

The 100 year celebration of the birth of Friedrich Schiller held in New York, November 1859. Below on the reverse in small letters, "A.R.F.". White metal, 40.1mm

Celebration Friedrich Schiller birth New York 1859 medal

Commemorating "American Day" at the Argentine International Exposition in 1910. 40.4mm

Argentina International Agricultural Exposition 1910 American Day medal

A token from the 1900 Paris Exposition, advertising the F. F. Slocomb & Co. of Wilmington, Delaware. Aluminum, 38mm

F.F. Slocomb & Company Wilmington Delaware Paris Exposition 1900 token

A tribute from Europe to the United States on the 1876 Centennial. I do not know the meaning of the Mason letters on the reverse. An attractive obverse in high relief. Bronze, 37.5mm

Mason medal paying tribute USA 1876 Centennial medal

1907 copper mine in Norway operated by an American mining company. From the collection of Bill Walter. Copper, 38mm

Pines Mine Norway 1907 Norwegian American Copper Mining Medal


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