Advertising pieces were generally excluded from HK even if, like the pieces below, one side commemorated a public event. One of the most obvious omissions in HK were the many so called dollar size advertising souvenir tokens made for the Chicago 1893 World Columbian Exposition. None were included in HK. (for a listing and tally of WCE scorecards, CLICK HERE). The biggest exception in HK to the "no advertising" rule are probably the corporate anniversary pieces (many of those listed in Section B beginning on page 140), but these were often an expression of corporate pride and accomplishment as well as advertising.

Personally, because they commemorate public events, I consider pieces like those below to be so called dollars, but with a store card, advertising theme mostly separate from HK.

Battle of North Point New York Clothing House Baltimore medal

39.7 mm, White Metal

Fire Festival Fargo North Dakota Walker Brothers medal

34.8 mm, Aluminum

World Columbian Horticultural Building W.J. Broach Omaha Nebraska medal

From the 1983 World Coulumbian Expo, 37.1 mm, Aluminum

Sampson coin dealer Declaration of Independence 1876 Centennial medal

41.9 mm, White Metal

Ferris Wheel 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair Crozier Brothers medal

From the 1983 World Coulumbian Expo, 38.2mm, Aluminum

World Columbian Exposition Washburn Credit House 1492 1893 medal

From the 1983 World Columbian Expo, 38mm, Aluminum

Columbus in sight of the New World Keokuk Iowa Citizens Bank medal

Citizens Bank Keokuk, Iowa , 37.9mm, Gilt

H. Miller & Company Die Sinkers Louisville Kentucky Mechanics Fair medal

Rulau Ky24, "H. Miller & Co. Die Sinkers Engravers & Brand-Cutters", Commemorating the Mechanics Fair in Louisville Kentucky 1858. 33.7mm, White Metal


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